The nominees are:

















Some of the acts here deserve to be nominated, but others just make me cringe with embarrassment. Can you guess which acts those are?

I wonder who the lucky winner will be ……..

The awards ceremony will take place in Atlanta on October 18th, and will then air on US television on October 23rd. 

The ceremony will probably air here in the UK sometime after that (a week later). But we will probably see it before then via YouTube or Worldstarhiphop.com

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  1. It’s gotta be Dizzie for me. His originality is growing on me an he seems to get it right. This type of genre so needs a bit of humour.
    Dizzie as Simon Cowell was hilarious.

    The others – mediocre in comparison. Chip munk is supposed to be hot !!!
    Lyrically I am too old to even try an fathom out WTF he is going on about.

  2. ghetot to win all day…

    he is has the best lyrical content…

    but he’s not really hip – hop….but neither is chupmunk

  3. So, what’s with the no bassline or kickdrum on todays pop hop then? I can’t actually get my headspace into this ringtone-esque music….what has happened to groove, bassline and drum- Something I mistook hip hop for holding dear?….Be honest people, are you really digging this shite? I know I ask this every time like a tired record, but really?!

  4. @ Reclaimin – “Be honest people, are you really digging this shite? I know I ask this every time like a tired record, but really?!”

    The honest answer is no !!!. i only like Dizzie because my nephews love to dance to his catchy tunes and they are 3 and 5 .

    It’s just too depressssssssssssing most of it – tired record no. 2 lol lol lol

    Best HIP HOP Awards – WTF !!!

  5. @ Agnes
    Thankyou for not thinking I should pack it all in! lmao!
    I’m soooo tired of folk who are old enough to know good from bad turn a blind eye at the obvious crapness of it all!

  6. Chipmunk, Dizzie, Wiley, Ghetto & Skepta are all grime artists, to me Ghetto stands out the most of these especially after hearing him tear down the logan sama show the other day making skepta seem off par… but Wiley = Grime full stop, ain’t nobody arguing with that, hey emcompasses everything that grime is to me,… ain’t nobody in grime seeing Wil’ nah!!!…

    Might as well just give it to Giggs as he is the only hip hop artist nominated… I mean what happened to real UK hip hop artists, Roots Manuva, Skinnyman, Rodders (Rodney P), Black Twang, TY, Moorish Delta 7, Klashnefoff, Pyrelli, Sway, even Eurogang or SAS, but nah…KMT!!!!!…not knocking Giggs, I have he’s nice, ain’t heard him myself, but why nominated all these grime artists, Grime is not hip hop, they should have taken the time to research that before giving awards to uk artists!!!

  7. I dont really see that much of a distinction between what nowadays is regarded as “Hip Hop” by the general public and “Grime” to be fair. Its not a reflection of what we’d call REAL HIP-HOP i.e Common, Mos Def, Talib, Nas and some of the artists that FR formentioned. But neither is much of the popular imports from the genre’s birthplace.

    My opinion is that Ghetto should win this category. If not him then give it to Chipmunk. Giggs should not be nominated as far as I’m concerned and if all the rest of these guys are up then where is Bashy??

  8. AKS you are entitled to your opinion, but you should put a reason why when doing so. Giggs is a methodical and straight talking person. He is the only UK Hip Hop artist that has been nominated and I think that the award should go to him. As far as I’m concerned he has created history selling 5,000 albums in 1 week. How many unsigned artist can you honestly say has done that recently or ever?

  9. Da grimiest an most realest grime artists are Giggs and Ghetto giggs been in nuff old skool predicaments and ghetto new skool so king and prince of grime really and also lyrical conntent der both exemt from badness Giggs is deep in da jungle and Ghetto’z on da 4 face of da woods u get me !!!! east lndn hall year

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