Mother China Arnold

A mother who killed her month-old baby daughter by burning her in a microwave was sentenced to life in prison today.

China Arnold’s actions were a “heinous atrocity” which was “shocking and utterly abhorrent for a civilised society”, Ohio Common Pleas judge Mary Wiseman said.

Arnold, 28, intentionally put her baby Paris Talley in the microwave and cooked her to death after a row with her boyfriend in 2005 over whether he was the biological father, the court in Dayton, Ohio, heard.

A jury found her guilty of aggravated murder last month.

Today, Judge Wiseman said: “No adjectives exist to adequately describe this heinous atrocity.”

“This act is shocking and utterly abhorrent for a civilised society. Continue Reading……

I have no words for China Arnold.. none whatsoever!

Rest In Peace Paris Talley


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  1. Please bring back the freaking electric chair! What’s the point of wasting tax payers’ money? Oh & the lethal injection should be scrapped, what’s the point in numbing them?

  2. When the smoke clears, I hope that you will be able to post an apology, as quick as you were to post a comment.

  3. Yes, Adaobi…I too am waiting patiently to see what sort of thing JayShawn is going to say to clarify his/her position.

    I’m hoping that he/she posted in this particular forum mistakenly, as there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for cooking another human being, ESPECIALLY a baby.

    No rationalization.

    No justification.

    This woman deserves death @ the very least, and in a truly just world, she would be microwaved herself.

    This is, of course, if she was in fact the perpetrator…

    Poor baby! I couldn’t imagine doing something even remotely close to this to my baby.


  4. No death penalty!?!?! She wouldn’t have made it out of the God Damn courtroom.

  5. okay well first off all of you on here really shouldnt judge her there has been plenty of times where the law has been wrong

    this woman is innocent

    so before you run your mouths think about if it was you

    think about what you would do if you were gettin accused of doing something you wouldnt dare do

    this was her child!!!!

    i hope all of you feel so stupid when in the future the world finds out the real truth

  6. How do you know she’s innocent. Were you there??? Because if you were then you need to be talking to the authorities and to her defence team.

    Yeah the world’s really concerned about looking stupid when the “truth” comes out…. This news will put the credit crunch, recession, poverty, global warming, and the death of this poor defenceless child in the shade

  7. Oh my god I have 3 children of my own and trust me they can really get on your last nerve, but come on microwaveing your own child or any for that matter is just insane. China looks like she had some mental issues just from looking at the shot of her I feel sorry for her, because if she really did this horrible thing there is something inside her that is not human. We must pray that justice is done on the inside to the one the call dark eyes (China) it’s just to bad they don’t make a microwave big enough to fit her ass in or you can bet your bottom dollar her goode would be cooked. She will get what is coming to her one way or another. And those of you who think she is innocent if you know something tell it if not shut the fudge up I hope somebody gives her what for

  8. Not just China Arnold, but what about the other women who have killed
    their babies because of so-called Post Partem depression, should they
    not be punished as well?

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