Check out songstress Mishal Moore and the music video for her brilliant single ‘No Strings’ (beat made by MF Doom)

The track will appear on her new mixtape which will drop in September. 

You’re about to blow up Mishal!!!!


Visit Mishal @ Myspace and listen to more tracks.

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  1. omg janice!! i wasn’t meaning for you to put it up!! lol

    thank you gurl for doing so anyway, i was just wanting to keep you abreast (that’s a funny word) abreast on what was going(s) on(s) with me.

    that’s love!!!

    i’ll have your babies…if you want.

  2. oh!! MF Doom didn’t produce the track…it’s just his beat…lol.

    just want to clear that up…i’ve never met the man…although, it would be nice…lol

    the mixed tape…when it’s out (Sep.) will be produced by Kenny Dope.

    k. that was my shameless plug.

    somehow, i’m not feeling any shame.

  3. this is fire…..
    and the last joint blackberry joint goes thrumy mind everyweek..
    please telllmetheres a video for that joint
    THAT IS A HIT!!!!!!!!

  4. thanks ty!

    i do plan on doing another video…i just have to come up with a concept and allow myself a few hours to edit.

    “No Strings” took me two hours to tape and five to edit…I need to recharge first…lol.

    I’m honored you like it!!


  5. Great stuff, when/where can we get the releases to play out and all that schizzle?

    You know if Kenny Dopes behind this good things will come-i’m sure u already know who Gilles P is but make sure to send him a copy-that’s Radio 1 airplay straight away..also Karen P is a good person to send to…also AMPLIFIED the best independent alternative soul promotion outfit in the UK in my humble opinion…

    If this is all standard info to you, forgive my presumption.x

  6. i Loved that as someone above said is it going to get a release or if not where can i blag an mp3 copy from please.

    p.s. would much prefer to buy it if posible

  7. thank you all for the support!!

    reclaimin, you’re forgiven 😉

    actually the all the tracks will be free (they will be on the mixtape available for download)

    for right, now if you go to my myspace you can download “No Strings” and a few others. KD is going to press up a crap load of hard copies for the dj’s and anyone else who’d like a hard copy.

    My label is breaking me over in the UK, so you will def be able to get your hands on stuff!! I’ll be there in the fall.

    My album, however won’t be out till Feb 09…there will be some 7in as well for you dj’s out there!!

    okay I think I covered what I thanks so much for the love!!

    especially you, Janice!!

  8. one thing !!!!!
    never rely on A LABEL in the uk to break you over here!!!!
    unless you have a big deal
    take the people who are giving you pointers up on the info ( RECLAIM ETCAMPLIFIED ..ETC
    get their details and get it popping ….
    you may be duly dissapointed if you leave it in the hands of people over here…
    its hard to break new black music ..IN THE UK
    so take up reclaims points get in contact with them yourself and then get the two or three groups speaking… REALTALK!!!!

  9. NOT relying on the label…trust. LOL

    …i’m with an independent. I’ve done everything by myself for 7 years now…I’m def not gonna lay back and rely on others….not how I roll.

    there is more than meets the eye…I’ve learned to press on through underground if I want to be taken seriously. KD is ALL about that…that’s why I signed with Ill Friction…they ain’t flashy.

    With that, you’re right Ty….correction, I’M breaking myself as an artist in the UK.


  10. okay I swear LAST thing…lol

    Ty, has my mind spinning now. lol

    To Reclaimin, I def wasn’t knockin any help you wanted to offer. lol
    I’m really wanting to hit up the underground scene hard in the UK. So if you or anyone else have any contacts that you want to send my way…I’m game.

    If online downloads are not enough…I’ll mail over some hard copies (we’re pressin up A LOT of the mixtape).

    Hit me up at (subject: UK), so I can keep in touch with whom ever wants to send me some info. on who/where to send my music to….

    (In my best Cali white girl voice): “You guys are the awesomest!”

  11. none of us thought that mishal …


    I’M GLAD YOU DIDNT TAKE my prompt the wrongway
    folks on here are generally genuine
    so lets get that popping !!! asap!

  12. Okay!!!!!

    This is one of my favorite Doom tracks, too…

    Good s–t! Color me thoroughly impressed/entertained!

    Hopefully, me you and Ty could do a joint together….



  13. PS:


    I was trying to add you as a friend, but it said that you don’t take requests from bands…


    Can I please be your virtual friend, please?


  14. lol…my bad.

    i took it off, you should be able to add me now. i put that up awhile ago b/c I was tired of bands sending me obnoxious comments with posters/videos trying to promote their music on my page.

    some people got some big ass balls…

    and no class.

    i’d love to be your virtual friend. 😉

  15. Will send you an email with regards to your arrival, Amplified and anything else i can think off….moonlighting at day job so give me a day to get back to you.x

  16. So I’m Late, but this track is amazing, loved it, the vocals, the beat, very special Talent u Have Mishal! 😉

  17. Just seen / heard this – yeah I’m later than FR… – but I concur with everyone else…track is fire! Now to familiarise myself with your other tracks….

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