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Every time I watch a film that is based in the UK, features British actors,  but is then financed by Hollywood and ultimately geared towards an American audience I cringe.

The characters always seem to be upper class individuals, who speak in cut glass English accents, and drink tea and eat scones all day.  

I don’t recognise the Britain that is being portrayed on the big screen. A classic example of this has to be the film ‘Notting Hill’ starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. What a JOKE!!! Richard Curtis you deserve a slap!

Anyway check out this article I found today which breaks down through words and pictures Hollywood’s seriously misguided idea of Britain ….

If Hollywood was to make a film with Brixton, Hackney, Tottenham, or Peckham as it’s back drop, I dread to think what their interpretation would look and sound like……

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    do you tthink idris elba would be in a guy ritchie movie unless he had done all the work prevoiusly by himself .. i doubt it


    That has a lot to do with Hollywood. The way they choose to portray the UK on film, and people who don’t know any better, believe that it’s like a Richard Curtis movie here. Plus UK shows like Agatha Christie murder mysteries etc don’t help either LOL.

    “do you tthink idris elba would be in a guy ritchie movie unless he had done all the work prevoiusly by himself .. i doubt it”

    To be fair Guy Ritchie has always had a succession of black actors in his films. e.g. Vas Blackwood – Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrells (Ritchie’s first film), Lennie James -‘Snatch’. And they weren’t known in the US.

  3. question ..

    is vas blackwoood a real actor !
    ( dont get me wrong i enjoy him in every role he’s played
    but i always considered him a comedy spin off from lenry henry
    who maximised his big screen opportunities.. much like robbie gee!
    where as idris elba been an actor for a number of years .. playing serious roles .. alongside lennie james..
    guy made a comment about there not being enough black actors to choose from
    .. .. but now i see idris is in a movie !!
    was idris good enough before he did the wire!

  4. America’s Idea of London and the UK on a whole is sooo out dated and probably was never really in touch to begin with, until they come here hehe – Welcome to Acton Bitch lol ahahahahaha…

    I think a part of this is due to the programs we export, they do paint a picture of what the uk is like, which explains why they still love to develop them Period drama’s. and other B.S. to export to the world to show england in a certain light.

    so when u go on holiday you have to explain to ppl in the usa, that London ain’t no tea and crumpet ride on a big red bus, in fact it’s a jungle, with Bloods and crips now… there like get the F* outta here, YO…LOndon – Word…Yes Unfortunately, WORD!

    as for Idris Elba, I think the wire just put his talent out there, really thrusted him into the limelight, he would have got there cos his talent is undeniable, just wanna see if he can take it to the next level, he’s got the gangstar thing down to a tee, UK or Usa, it’s nothing, but he can he go deeper, I think so, he’s extremely convincing on screen. I hope he can grow to be our british, L. Fishburne or D. Washisngton, and hopefully set path for others to come through.

    …Your Bang on TY about Vas and Rob’ Gee – they maximised there chances yes lol… but boi I still love to see them on screen – shame that rolling with the nines was such a flop.

    …And Even though Guy does use Black actors and has had some very good ones in his films like Lenny James who is a fantastic actor (Have u seen fall out – Gwan brudda!!!)… but my grumble / moan is with the parts he has them play, especially in snatch really thick parts, unorganised, unintelligent, Docile (meaning easily to controll – which says alot) I’m simply looking at there characters compared to the others in the films (understanding it’s gangster genre), but were the parts honest, I mean we seemed to be at the bottom of the food pile, literally lol… and tyrone and goldies character was not needed talk about painting a picture of stupid black men. I mean it’s nothing new we’ve been experiencing this for years in the uk… Eastenders, Hollyoaks, etc etc… I think the only time we get to see Black actors in challenging films with parts that are stand up, smart, with depth… is when the film / drama is made by black filmmakers. e.g … ‘Shoot the messanger’ (BBC) , ‘Fall Out’ (Channel 4) these two stand out to me, the storys were honest, deep and covered issues within our culture in a sincere way, they also allowed the actors & actresses a real chance to show what they are capable of.

    so to conclude, Tell it how it is ppl, let the world know!… ain’t no tea and crumpets, queen and trumpets out here – your get wrap u know…ahahahahahahahhahaahahahaah!

  5. Rollin with the nines was never promoted or marketed effectively from the off set! I remember a black run organisation (who shall remain nameless) was given the opportunity to promote it etc and MESSED UP! The “publicist” in charge was useless, she couldn’t even organise the press conference. It was both laughable and embarassing. I felt bad for the actors, because they were the only ones that turned up. It was a shame because the film could have been huge.

    Yes our exports have a lot to answer for. E.g Miss Marple, Agatha Christie, Poirut, the list is endless.and those Merchant Ivory period dramas.

    You do have a point. Ritchies depictions of black men in his films have been
    slightly off.hmmmmm…

    My fave black character on tv has to be Gus in Eastenders. Briliant. A road sweeper who was as dumb as hell. Lol smh……

    Idris has true star quality.He would have made it regardless. I remember when he appeared in now defunt channel five soap Family Affairs. He sure has come a long way.

  6. If you have no regards for sustenance like me in the afternoons, I recommend Doctors- they have had a continous stream of black, mixed, asian actors who are regulalry represented in a three-dimensional tone.
    Some are good, some are bad, some are well-spoken, some are ghetto, some have interracial relatonships, some don’t..it ain’t bad

  7. …some are well-spoken, some are ghetto, some have interracial relatonships, some don’t..it ain’t bad…

    ah a hehe….some have interracial relationships lol

  8. Compared to the storylines in other soap operas involving black characters they were pretty decent/ strong storylines at time. Before Family Affairs I don’t remember seeing black characters being featured so heavily in a British soap and actually being given long running juicy story lines, that weren’t your usual stereotypical mess. The script writers on that show did a reasonably good job.

  9. I ‘member one character on Family affairs, the youngish black women, with coloured hair and ghetto-ish connotations…, that just made me switch off, and her antics made me think here we go again….

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