Yes folks, yet another “celebrity” driven “reality” vehicle, only this time it involves celebrities working for an airline…..*rolls eyes*

Who comes up with this stuff????

Read below:

This autumn, ITV2 will be taking to the skies with the brand new show, CelebAir – with a real plane, flying to real places, staffed by real celebrities!

In this new eight-part series, 11 celebrities will take on a range of jobs on the ground and in the air to battle it out ultimately to become CelebAir’s star employee and win thousands of pounds for the charity of their choice. Continue Reading….

The show’s host Angellica Bell

Former So Solid star Lisa Maffia and songstress/presenter Mica Paris will also appear in this star studded eight part series.

Lisa Maffia and Mica Paris

I can understand why Lisa would agree to sign up for this. Lord knows, she could do with the exposure. But I am at a loss as to why Mica would!

But I guess it’s all being done in the name of ‘charity’.  No sorry ‘charidee’.

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  1. There are so many talented writers out of work, a few of my friends included.

    Rather than put money into supporting good tv drama etc, they’d rather cut corners on more nonsensical ‘reality tv’. TV choices are dire.

    Only good thing is that it is going to charity !!!

  2. nowadays that the only way you see black stars on tv.. doing foolishness!!!!
    i dont wanna succumb to this nonsense .. but its calling me..!!!!

  3. @Agnes

    They don’t want to spend money on producing drama’s. Its too costly. No they would rather invest tat like this. They are cheap and quick to make.

    @ Ty

    So will we be seeing you in a celeb ‘ reality show’ soon???? I hope its Strictly Come Dancing. That’s the best one out there!

    Let’s mambo Ty!

  4. I love Lisa Maffia! I don’t think she’s a great singer but there’s something about her that I love. I live in the US so I don’t really know what going on with her career though.

  5. I must say I do have a soft or should I say hard spot for Lisa maffia (I know, a little crude), this shall be interesting as for Ty on some celeb reality tv show… that to would be interesting, wouldn’t yield the same result in my boxers but would be worth a watch… always a avenue if the chips are down bro lol

  6. @DCsFinest

    Nothing’s going on with her career, that’s why she’s been reduced to appearing on shows like this.

    LMAO! Thanks for the update, LOL! I would watch this show if I could just to see her. I was just playing her cd the other day and my husband was ready to kill me.

  7. @ Ty – ” i dont wanna succumb to this nonsense .. but its calling me..!!!! ”

    Ty reality tv, now that would be a thing. You Mad News would blogggggggg you to death lol lol lol lol. Not really just joking.

    It would be interesting to see what you would be on if the situation ever arises. Have you had any invites ? If so, it would be absolutely hilarious, in a positive way of course.

    You know me i love a good blog lol lol lol.

  8. @DCsFinest

    Oh yes I remember now!! She did drop an album in 2002/2003. The first single released from it went to number 1 here. It stayed at the top for about 2 weeks.

    So Lisa Maffia reached the US.. this is interesting.

    How did you first come across her music? What made you want to buy her CD?

  9. All the thugs in the clubs get your cris on ice
    Ladies in the club shake your body like dice
    My kind of jam so we’re doing it right
    Yo, who got the inflow keeping it tight
    LiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiSsaA! Maffia!
    ‘member i told you, I’m a soldier
    Drop this in the club and it’s all over
    It’s all over
    It’s all over

    Gwan Lisa – Big Tings a Lie lol

  10. My husband is a music producer and recording engineer and he had me researching the music styles overseas some years back and So Solid Crew were big then so that’s how I found out about Lisa.

  11. Oh and I liked her first single so I got the album to see what she was about. Again, the hubby hates the cd but it’s good house cleaning music. I don’t understand the rapping parts at all but I make up stuff close enough to what I think they might be saying and sing along, LOL.

  12. well Right now DC, So Solid unfortunately are fairly irrelevant to the UK music scene [Right Now] even with all the talent they had, a shame really, but ahhh we move on at least we still have Dizzy Rascal, Right? lol

  13. I’ve heard just one of his songs that they are playing here. I forgot the name of it but Bun B from UGK is on the song.

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