The King of Pop paid Planet Hollywood a visit yesterday (August 27th), in Las Vegas.

He actually looks “normal” for once….. well… sort of….

Err is he wearing pajama bottoms?

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  1. wow he looks very good! i haven;t seen his face that good in years! bravo michael we want a new album

  2. Janice, I’m glad you corrected yourself, because he does not look normal.
    The hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

    Not in an offensive way, but he really looks like one fo the characters from Planet of the ……….. there i said it !!!

  3. He is wearing a blazer and pajama pants, LOL! Business up top, chillin’ at the bottom…

  4. thats what I’m thinking DC’ he looks aiight top half apart from the weave and chin lol…

    Agnes…u killed it with the huurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…lol

    reminds me of ‘my arrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmm’ lol…me and my cus are still catching joke of that one!

  5. His weave is on point though. His hair looks better than some of the females out here!

  6. Michael looks terrible!!!!!! Is he wearing pj pants? OMG <>

    What has happened to him????

  7. Ummm….Thats is a Michael Jackson impersonator doing the look from his Court during the trial..Do you really think MJ would go out to an event in pajama bottoms?

  8. “Do you really think MJ would go out to an event in pajama bottoms?”

    You gotta be joking or just woke up from a coma cause MJ been crazy as hell for years now! YES that mofo would wear some damn pj’s to an event! His child is named Blanket! Anyone that names a child Blanket is fool enough to wear pajama pants, a blazer and scuffed up penny loafers with sweat socks to an event!

  9. the hurrrrr is normal .. my back foooot!!!!!
    i bet his groin has extensions to fit .. foolishness.. king of pop
    king of the apes…
    there i said it !! micheals quest to look white has ended up making him look like bubbles.
    a chimp….!!!!

  10. wait…is that real?

    it really looks like a wax figure.

    i’m still not believing that’s truly him.

  11. Why do ppl keep expecting 1979 off the wall MJ to just re-appear all of a sudden. Dude has looked like this for years. Get used to it. He looked like this while on trial in 2005 and will always look like this.

    As for being frail. MJ weighed 110 pounds back in 1984 and thats considered his prime. MJ has always been skinny. The only difference is his face.

  12. @ Ron – “pajama bottoms? “……. lol

    @ online tv – “MJ has always been skinny”.

    Uh ohhhhhh, when it comes to MJ why do his undying supporters go around with blinkers on. THE MAN IS FRAAAAAIIILLLIL !!! He can barely walk, hence why he is sometimes seen in a wheel chair.

    This is NOT the skinny he used to be. The man looks weak.

  13. I still find mj adorable and charming…..i think he just need to gain more weight to look a bit like when he’s in mid. 30’s

  14. i love him!!!! he’s so cute until now!!!!! it’s ok if he wears pajama, all of us wear pajamas!!!! that’s normal ok. and if he went to an event that’s ok!!!
    from: bHaby_mjj29

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