Her Royal Jujuness Erykah Badu, graces the front cover of September’s issue of Pride Magazine – Out Now!

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  1. you know what.. i never reallly understoood how you guys came up with the term jujuness in terms of erykah
    is it that she has african attributes .. or like to wear certian types of clothes
    so i am confused!!
    .. what could it be…
    i been maening to ask
    and i know everyones generallly cool
    so i can ask…
    i just dont get it!!!
    ju ju or witch doctors or whatever it is you guys are referring to …
    it doesnt quite make sense to me..
    please explain why you use this refrain when referring to erykah badu

  2. When she first came on to the music scene her whole look/mannerisms screamed I’ll put a evil spell on you and your whole family if you cross me”.perhaps She looks and acts, still does at times, like a woman who surrounds herself with strange potions, chicken feet and talks to the spirits.

    They should have cast her as the obeah woman in Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Also have you actually read an entire Badu interview? There are some doozies out there. The woman, although talented, is off key!

  3. I dunno man, I think a lot of talented cats ( I mean really talented) are pretty offkey in the normal expected order of things but juju doesn’t come to mind……I see her as a strong woman who is quite ital rather.

    But Ty, you must understand that I think they refer to her as juju in the sexy black magic woman kind of way rather than some nut hording childrens skulls in the cellar…

  4. Yes thats it. That’s what see when I look at her sometimes. This slinky sexy, odd ball black magic woman.

    The nuts hording childrens skulls in the cellar were Common and Andre 3000 before him…..

  5. i think we are uncomfortable with strong independantly minded blackwomen…
    she’s not to messed with ..
    i know plenty woman like like that .. but i dont attach the words juju to them …
    jujui s being used out of context!
    remember where this comes from!!!

  6. I think you’re looking way you deeply in to this. It’s not that serious. But you’re entitled to your opinion. Ultimately I’m just taking the piss out of her image/behaviour at times.

    As for being uncomfortable with strong black independantly minded black women.

    Nah mate not me.

  7. For me Ty, it’s not so much the clothing or her nubian look, which too me is so sexy, I really do have a thing for erykah, she has style, she’s strong, she’s talented, unique, and she appears to be a leader rather than a follower…

    the association to juju which is properly a little to strong of a word comes from her liking to new ageism, which is liked to a shall we say lighter form of witch craft, rather than black magic,… but to me it’s all the same.

    plus added to that she appears to be very much out there, she’s seems a very strange person, but still this is all IMO.

  8. i think you do have a strange culture of communication on it’s own. three babby daddy’s is not the same as is three fathers of three children, and so we might understand that jujuness is not really witch craftn-ess. what you are trying to say is that erykah should not pretend to be something different because she’s not. and it puzzles me sometimes, how loyal you are to your culture of communication, when once in a while you remind us not to take you seriously. and that you are simply taking a piss, or having a good time, spoiling erykah’s name.

  9. Amil – what are u talking about tiger, please make ya comment more simple.

    and be easy bro, this blog is far more light hearted than say bossip… not looking to knock the ppl who run it, but jeez some of the comments on that blog is just harsh, str8 hating and all sorts of f’ery.

  10. True that, what r u saying Amil- I feel like I’ve just been teleported to some distant faraway land…

  11. You are so late!!! We already knew that Erykah Badu was a witch and that she does astral travel and is into crystal balls and does not eat meat to bow to a darker foul God. We already knew that the God Erykah Badu refers to is not Jesus Christ, we already knew that she cast spells and subliminal messages in her so called music.

    We already knew, that Erykah Abbi Wright does chantings, and cast spells to enhance her career, all of this is NO SECRET, it’s in the music, a dog will always be a dog and if you pet it, it will bite back.

    People wake up and pay attention to what goes into your ears and spirits. This is witchcraft and it is being packaged very nicely..hidden through hip hop!!!! That is not hip hop. If I came in your home and shot you and your children in the head and I was wearing a “Peace for the World” t-shirt does it change my character????

    Exactly, so protect yourself and your children from the madness.

  12. This woman Erykak Badu this so called Goddess as she wants to be called by the Hip Hop World is into Astral Projection or Soul Traveling, it is an old Occult practice where you meditate (yoga, new age movement) and after a few miniutes the body and the spirit seperate. The spirit if free to travel, as the physical body stays in like a trance, sleeping format and do whatever it wants in the astral plane (people of God call it the spiritual realm) This is still being practiced by Witches, Warlocks, Satanist and even teenagers today in our Western World. Sound scary, keep on reading baby!!!!

    This is a forbidden practice by God, God warns us to stay away from these practices because Satan could take advantage and it may cause mental and emotional problems in individuals that practice it. It also opens them up to strong demonic power, depending on what door was opened depends on how often the practitioner (Erykah Badu) does it. It’s like a bad LSD trip that won’t stop, it goes on and on. Considering that she does channeling which any FOOL can hear through her music, black magic and chantings which begans to release DEMONIC POWER TO ALL LISTENERS and this is called Seducing Spirits.

    Ever listen to a Erykah Badu record CD and you have no freaking idea what she is saying or talking about but something tells you to KEEP lsitening to it, then after a while the very song you hated, all of a sudden you LOVE it??? Those are subliminal messages and they are bound through demonic forces/power. In exchanged Erykah gets reconition and fame and her career gets advanced.

    Once in the astral realm (you can manipulate, people throughs dreams, thoughts, wills and motives.)

    This sounds exciting does it not? But believe you me there is a price to pay. The person(Erykah Badu) that does this if they want to stop, this demonic force that they allowed in through meditation becomes a slave master like a puppet on a string. Some people commit suicide, some hear voices or they even see manifestation in their waking life.

    Witchcraft is REAL, I am not here to promote it but to expose it. They are teaching little kids how to do this as young as 5 and six. You can not dabble in the occult and expect not to suffer because of it. If you are mad I wrote this get a little bit more mad, guess where are of this is coming from???


    Yes, it is just not breathing techniques or exercise ask Erykah Badu that. Each breathing exercise is summoning a demon(real demons)People before you do something you need to check out WHERE it came from, who is speaking into YOUR life, words have powers yes they do. If there is something on a CD and you do not know the meaning then you need to FIND out what it means. If you are a praticing YOGA then I advise you to stop

  13. man thats crazy…..i love her i dout very seriously that this crap is true….they just mad because she still sellin records after all these years…im going to continue to bye her records….shes a wonderful artist and i give her the up most respect for what she has accomplished…. she is truely blessed and does not take that for granted…how can you say that she does witchcraft when she talks about god in her music????
    yes she is very much so misunderstood but that dosent mean you all have the right to pass judgment on her……
    i understand her and i love her music…shoot her music has even helped me when i was down….
    you people are crazy…..
    WAKE UP!!!!!!

  14. @Pebbles, @Richard .. You speak absolute truth that many ignorant people of the occult are so unaware of. It’s funny though. Most all recording artist who make it big believe in some derivation of “esotericism”, and music folks is the perfect potion and encantation. Christians, grow up and realize your favorite artist is casting spells on you..

  15. First of all.. Christmas and ALL of the celebrated holidays are Paganism, which is the true witchcraft that ALL of our churches and YOUR government adopted. Erykah isn’t a witch. She is a gifted, chosen one. She has a special calling upon her life, as do I. therefore I take great offense to your post. After we have passed, there will be no more because the rest of you are brain washed, closed minded, and your soul is as empty as your brain.

    START WITH KEMETICS and learn the TRUTH about history, and about beliefs before you go accusing people of being witches.. Jesus himself a PROPHET, was also accused of it too so, what do you expect. Once you find out the truth about what u are so called worshiping I bet your views change quickly, hypocrite un-be knowingly, and then to speak against the chosen… listen, many are called, yet FEW are chosen and Erykah is one of those, and I speak in her defense.. ignorance is what causes judgement. Peace, and seek knowledge before posting such nonsense. Blessings Unto you, Venom…

  16. Did someone who is ignorant whisper to me out the side of their neck, subliminally? Yes, a tail pipe did! “Glad to know that u have a slight hint of class to your anal self.”

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