‘US label Atlantic Records wants Estelle to have surgery on her teeth to help her break into the American charts, say reports.

Her bosses also want her to ditch the boyish haircut she has in her ‘American Boy’ video and would like to give her image a complete overhaul, according to The Sun.

“The American executives are adamant she makes a lot of significant changes,” said a source. “They want rid of her tomboy hair and want her to get her teeth fixed.

“Estelle is not happy. She feels her teeth and the rest of her look are a big part of her character.”

The R&B star has spent the last three weeks at number one on the UK Singles chart.’ (Source)

This news report was published in the not so reliable Sun newspaper so there probably isn’t an ounce of truth in it.

But then again this is America we’re talking about. The American entertainment industry is obsessed when it comes to a female artist’s image. The hair, make-up, wardrobe has to be impeccable, and the teeth have to be ultra white and ultra straight, so part of the advance goes towards a nice set of veneers.

Anyway we  will see over the next couple of months if this story is in fact true…..  


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  1. Not surprised at all….. Who is the image change for ??? and why do they try and morph everyone to look alike.

    They’ll probably want her to wear a long weeve and mimic the majority of R&B/soul/hip hop sisters with no originality or identity.

    Next they’ll be asking her to bleach her skin. From what i hear of Estelle, she can stick up for herself so i hope she tells them where to go.


  2. Its so disappointing that in 2008 that sister can not be who she is!! Her music is awesome and I love her hairstyle … ESTELLE, girl, don’t change a damn thang!!

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