Once again R Kelly hits the headlines and like always the proverbial has hit the fan! Ne-Yo is to sue R.Kelly after the “Pide Piper of R&B” unceremonously dropped him from his North American tour.   The star claims that he lost $785K in earnings after being informed that he was to be removed from the bill.  The Smoking Gun website reports, “The singer Ne-Yo (real name: Shaffer Smith) claims that he was set to earn $785,000 for opening for Kelly at a minimum of 25 concerts. But he says was bounced []


Mary performed ‘Just Fine’ last night just before the count down to 2008 in Times Square, New York City. I remember going to Mary’s first UK concert way back in 1992. The confused/disturbed looking young woman, who couldn’t hit the high notes (that task was left to her backing singer), sure has come a long way! Love you Mary!

HELLO 2008!!!!

  For those of you who reside in the UK we have now entered 2008!!!! ( I can hear the fire works popping off outside as I type) and for those across the pond I’m guessing you have 5/6 hours to go! Any way I wish you all a happy and properus new year!!!!  I would also like to thank you all for visiting my, myspace blog in 2007 and taking the time out to post your often thought provoking, passionate, colourful, hilarious and feisty comments in response to my various blog posts! All the best []