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  1. OH MY GOD !!! Does anyone else think that Amerie cannot sing in tune or dance to the beat. Perhaps I am missing something.

    Listening to her LIVE is painful, she just shouts out of tune. If you compare the above to the official version they made her sound fabulous . HER SAVING GRACE IS THAT SHE ALWAYS LOOKS FLY !!!

    Crikey the dancing is off key !!!

  2. Chingy is cute as hell and I always like his songs but he’s never going to be a big deal. Amerie can’t sing but she’s a pretty girl

  3. typical ……….
    why dont we encourage black artist to have talent….
    everything revolving around looks….
    if they did it like that we would never have had james brown , or nina simone….
    we so washed up in false morals
    we look like empty headed robots in music nowadays.. with makeup!

  4. Quote – “we look like empty headed robots in music nowadays.. with makeup!” True dat !!!

    Amerie would not stand a chance if she wasn’t attractive – she would have been laughed out of the studio a long time ago. Even on her videos, especially the one with the guys playing drums in the back ground…she dances soooo off beat, she looks like she is doing it on purpose.

    2008 – Talk de troooot time…

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