A couple plan on giving tourists the treat of being slaves for a day in Haiti…

“Tourists can play the part of a slave for 12 hours, in which they get a feel for the hardship endured in the Latin American country more than 200 years ago. They can choose if they want to be spectators or participants. If they take part, they will be given traditional African clothing and then ‘kidnapped’, chained and forced to march to a slave ship in a mock crossing of the Atlantic.” READ

They need to STOP!

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  1. You know I read this today and i thought is there nothing in this world that people cannot make money from. What could anyone gain from participating in this. It’s an insult to history – PERIOD !

    I would love to smash this article to pieces and preach about how wrong and f-cked up it is, but I just can’t be asked. These people are just plain WRONG !!!

    Quote – “The couple, who have lived in Haiti for 22 years, need $700,000 (£350,000) in total to complete their theme park.” – I hope they never get the money to complete this useless project.

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