Beats By Dre Create Exclusive Headphones For Anthony Joshua Ahead Of World Title Fight

Ahead of his world title fight this Saturday April 29th, Beats by Dr. Dre have teamed up with Anthony Joshua to create a special one of a kind bespoke pair of custom Pro headphones, to recognise his ascent in becoming one of the greatest heavyweight champions of all time. 

Designed to reflect his individuality and married with the iconic Beats sound, these premium Pro’s combine a sleek black and gold finish with two very important symbols that represent a personal meaning in his life; a silhouette of Africa engraved on either side above each ear cup, and the word “Wisdom” embossed on to the top leather band. Anthony Joshua was involved closely with the design, using his tattoos as the template, and offering insights into why these symbols are of importance to him, and how each have shaped him as a person. 

“I always seek wisdom and knowledge like the wise men from the Italian films and Wiseguy, all that stuff. I’ve always sought it, so it had relevance and meaning to me.”  

“I learnt more about my family’s history and I ended up getting an Africa tattoo underneath it. It was a nice combination to have “Wisdom” and your heritage tattooed underneath, so it went well.” 

“I’ve actually got that tattooed on me as well in the middle of my neck. It’s shaped me in the sense that it’s been a blessing because I think I can talk to anyone; different backgrounds, cultures and religion because I’ve been exposed to so many different cultures. I think that’s a blessing that’s shaped me really well.” 

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