UK News: Xsandy’s Owner Has A Message For The Community


Xsandy’s founder/owner Sandra Brown-Pinnock

On Wednesday late afternoon (19th April 2017) one of Xsandy’s staff members was viciously attacked by a group of women attempting to steal hair extensions from the beauty store. Fortunately, the store manager was not badly injured, despite having received punches and kicks from the attackers. 
The owner, award-winning businesswoman, Sandra Brown-Pinnock was so upset by the news of the assault that she later took to Facebook to inform followers of the struggle that she is facing in Peckham – an area that is saturated with other hair and beauty supply stores. 
“We as a community need to wake up and stand up. We need to respect each other and support one another…instead of supporting, some people walk in here to steal. It’s got to stop”
The message echoes the sentiments of ongoing challenges within the black community and the need for more cohesion and support of one another in business. 
Sandra who actively encourages empowerment within the community stocking more that 15 independent British brands as well as popular lines, opened up her first store in Lewisham Shopping Centre.  She was one of the first people to use Facebook videos to reach her audience and her first video went viral after publicly addressing the ‘threats’ from local competitors claiming that they were going to crush her business and that she would not survive longer than a few months. A year later, however, Sandra, with the support of thousands who patronised her store after seeing the video (shot by Paul McKenzie, SoapBox RealTalk), opened her second store in Peckham’s bustling Rye Lane. Since then there has been an increase in the circulation of WhatsApp and Facebook videos circulating among the community to encourage support of black businesses.  

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  1. So sorry to hear that! I telephoned the Peckham store last week and received excellent help, and then visited the Lewisham store on April 21st. Again I received excellent Customer service. We really do need to support each other. Keep up the good work ladies, onwards and upwards Sandra.

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