UK News: Libertine Club London Accused Of Racism (Racist Door Policies Still Alive In 2015)



Another day and another story about over rated West End nightclubs who operate a ‘No Blacks Allowed’ policy.

In the past I have featured posts exposing Whiskey Mist and Tiger Tigerand today it is Libertine Club London’s (formerly Chinawhite) turn to be exposed.

Fashion blogger Fiasyo Longe

Fashion blogger Fiasyo Longe

Fashion blogger Fiasyo Longe, describes her experience at being refused entry to Libertine in November 2014.

A few girlfriends and I decided that we had been working too hard and we deserved a night out. We wanted to go to Cirque Du Soir because it’s always the place to be at Halloween but we wanted to get a table and decided that the minimum spend at Cirque was too high. So, we settled on Libertine Club London. I had been to Libertine three times prior (once when it was China White and twice after it had changed to Libertine). Those three times were for my friends 18th, my friend’s graduation party and then once when we just went out randomly. All three times, someone or a few people within the group got a table and spent a lot of money. 

I looked around on the internet, found a promoter and text him to put our names down on the list. We got to the club quite late because there was so much traffic and at this point, the queue was massive and the promoter told us he couldn’t help us get in quicker and we had to queue up.

We went to the back of the queue while contemplating whether to just leave until a security guard overheard us and told us that the club wasn’t full, we should stand in the queue and the wait would only be about half an hour. We queued for about an hour in the cold and finally got to the front of the queue. We were asked for ID which we showed. The most obnoxious, patronizing door lady looked us up and down and asked what guest list we were on. We told her, to which she replied ‘Not tonight, ladies. Please step aside’. I’m standing there shocked and confused because I’ve heard about this sort of behavior at clubs but never experienced it before. 

I asked why we were not able to get in and was told that they owe us no explanation and we should go home. WHAT?! I demanded a sensible explanation and some elderly white man, maybe the manager tells me ‘maybe because you’re black but there are some black people inside, probably because you’re not good looking enough’. At that point, I was speechless. We left and the next day I sent an email to the owner, the manager and the club. In this email, I demanded an explanation and apology for such appalling abusive treatment. It has been over six weeks and these people did not even think that I deserved da reply.

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Co-owner of Libertine John Wood

Co-owner of Libertine John Wood

I have said this before and I will say this again, nightclubs in central London have been pulling this stunt for YEARS!!! They don’t want us in their establishments unless we are deemed famous enough (sports personalities, music artists etc), or if we happen to be the lone black face among a group of Caucasian friends.

My message to black people who still INSIST on going to these racist establishments and then spend thousands of pounds on bottles of piss water (like you have something to prove), is to have some damn SELF RESPECT and BOYCOTT.

This message also goes out to the DJs, entertainers, promoters, security personnel and toilet attendants.


Yeah…this definitely looks like it’s the place to be. 

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  1. I agree. This has been going on for YEARS! A friend of mine is a black DJ and has done the London circuit from the early noughties onwards and now lives near the coast doing the same thing. He always talks about the club managers (mostly Asian or European) saying “don’t play too much RnB , Hip-Hop and Ragga only Beyonce and Rihanna”, which is code for “don’t play music that attracts Black people”.

    The irony is, the clubs want pretty young (White) women to attract the guys and most of the pretty young woman want that type of music to show off their dance moves (that they copy from the black girls in the club), to the same type of guys the clubs don’t want!


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