Oh dear.. oh dear… well it sounds like the management over at Tiger Tiger headquarters in Croydon are in a state of panic!Last week DJ RSI (real name Ricky Simmonds) tweeted that he had been fired from popular club/restaurant Tiger Tiger. He claimed that the general manager told him that “there’s too many black people in your room” and he was later fired. (click here to read).  However Tiger Tiger management deny these allegations (click here to read).

Croydon Today reports that the club is now considering legal action against Simmonds after widespread calls to boycott the establishment.

A spokeswoman later said,

“DJ RSI, who has made these unfounded allegations, was repeatedly requested by the venue manager, over a number of weeks, to tone down the music he was playing as customers complained that it created an intimidating atmosphere.

“He ignored these requests and consequently was not following our commercial R&B music policy, which is why he will no longer be playing at Tiger Tiger Croydon.”

Hahahahaha – I would love to see this DJ’s play-list.

“customers complained that it created an intimidating atmosphere”

Translation – Too many black faces in the building created an intimidating atmosphere.

“Commercial R&B music policy” –  Who comes under that banner then???


In response to the threat of legal action Simmonds said, “If they want to take me to court for telling the truth, so be it”.

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  1. His music created an “intimidating atmosphere”. Such a poor defence, it’s disgusting. I think it’s about time we started boycotting these establishments with these racist policies. I’ve just seen people tweeting about the no. of times they’ve been split up in the queue etc. etc. at particular places & just think: why go back and give them your money???

    I think collectively, we’re aware of the venues that operate on this basis and need to expose them all, and hit them in the pockets.

  2. “tone down”… “intimidating atmosphere”… says it all about what this establishment think of Black people, and Black music.

  3. I doubt his set incited a riot. No. It was just the mere sight of so many black people in one room that made management feel uncomfortable. This created an atmosphere of fear and “intimidation”

  4. “intimidating atmosphere”. if the spokesperson is trying to heal the rift they are digging a bigger hole because that remark is insulting. What black people need to do is stop going to these places are they really having such a good time that its worth being degraded. If you go to a bad restaurant you don’t go back. I have never been to any of these clubs, for one I know that I am not going to hear the music I really like.Maybe its a youth thing but if they don’t value your custom they don’t value your money. Get some friends together some drinks music and I’m sure you will have a better time rather then be degraded.

  5. The bredders are the problem here, they are the ones who keep returning to the European pit like a dog to its own vomit, we boycott these venues on the one side but then they brown nose their way into them on the other.

  6. Ultimately,black music and shebeens back in the day became the place to be because black folk made and had their own places to go. So much so that recaps have been constant and commercilly exploitative today about the birth of clubbing/soundsystems/club dancing and pretty much everything that primarily black cultures brought to a once extremely pedestrian, uninclusive British social scene of smoky/dull/close-minded mens working clubs, boozers and aging ball rooms… We then fell over backwards with pride to have white folk included in every step off the clubbing/music process getting overly excited- even though the reason why we had shebeens and underground parties was because we we weren’t allowed in their establishments and now here we are…!

    On a wider note I just think that the mainstream of black people todayvalue celebrity over pretty much anything else- as long as they are exposed or supposedly ‘accepted’.they really don’t care on what terms it will be on..

  7. Those of us here particularly from a certain age group will know that this rubbish has been going on for YEARS. Black people need to open their eyes and stop racing to get in to these night clubs. They don’t want to let us in to their establishments. They happy to play our music though and even go as far as hiring black DJs BUT they don’t want our custom. UNDERSTAND THAT!!!

  8. What makes me laugh is they don’t want black people there yet you wanna play ‘black music’ I can’t see them playing beyonce and saying wait dj stop the track she’s black I’ll have none of that in my ears,

  9. mary :
    What makes me laugh is they don’t want black people there yet you wanna play ‘black music’ I can’t see them playing beyonce and saying wait dj stop the track she’s black I’ll have none of that in my ears,


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