The Breakfast Club Interviews Mary J Blige, Mary Talks About New Album ‘The London Sessions’


Apart from the contributors she mentioned, it will be interesting to know who else contributed to her new album ‘The London Sessions’.

I just rolled my eyes when she talked about music duo Disclosure. All this praise needs to stop.  

AGAIN, what is so great about two middle class 90s babies from Surrey, rehashing the exact same sounds (in particular Garage music) from the late 1990s and early noughties?  I don’t rate them at all. 

If only Mary had made the London Sessions back in the late 90s before the landscape changed. 

But anyway I still love  her and this was a good interview, but should have been longer.

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  1. I remember when Mary J did an interview on The Word during the 90s. There was a segment they did in which they showed guests new songs, and the guest would have to comment on whether they liked the song or not. They showed Mary a track by MJ Cole and Elizabeth Troy (Garage legends!!) and she was like “Hmmm, its ok, her voice aint all that”. She was very nonchalant about the whole track. Its ironic as Disclosure are doing exactly what MJ Cole, Wookie, Artful Dodger and the like had been doing throughout the entire time when garage music was at its height. Now all of a sudden, Disclosure get that corporate “push” (along with Sam Smith, Adele, Naughty Boy etc) and now the “London” sound is good!! Its funny because Mary could have done the “real London” sound when it was poppin in the 90s, but clearly her vision didn’t allow her to see past all the drama she was probably going through with K-Ci from Jodeci. Not that I blame Mary, shes probably reacting to what her PR peeps are telling her, in reagrds to who she should now work with whilst in London

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