Reverend Dr Tina Beloveth Powerful

Reverend Dr Tina Beloveth Powerful

This news story cracked me up this morning.

The Voice reports that the founder of a small business school in the UK who is being sued by the prestigious Harvard University for copyright infringement has made a counter-claim against the institution.

Reverend Dr Tina Beloveth Powerful claims her Harvard School of Management and Technology was named after her grandfather, however Harvard University, established in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is seeking damages and an injunction against her.

Although Rev Powerful is willing to change the name of the school, which offers a course in a series of subject including English language, Law, Bible studies and Leadership course, she is seeking £2m in a counter-claim in a case said to be heard in February.

Fees for most of the school’s courses run to £3,500 per year for British students and £5,500 for foreigners.

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Rev Dr Powerful with her husband UC Emma Powerful on their wedding day

Rev Dr Powerful with her husband UC Emma Powerful on their wedding day

So the good Reverend Dr Tina Beloveth Powerful *side eye* is offering  courses in a series of subjects including English language and Law, Bible studies, and will charge foreign students £5,500 and British students £3,500 per year.


Is this business school actually accredited and are the qualifications gained recognised in the wider world?

I know all about these types of “institutions”.  Students (usually international students who are also seeking a way to  find work and stay in the country permanently) pay HUNDREDS of pounds to attend these courses and then find out that the qualifications they have gained are not recognised. And in some cases the schools just close down without explanation.

Linda Ikeji’s blog  also confirms my suspicions about Reverend Dr Tina Beloveth Powerful’s school. The  blog reports that the school was founded in 2010 and is being run from a city centre flat in Milton Keynes.

Rev Powerful also claims that the awarding body for its Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Administrative Management is The Institute of Administrative Management (IAM).  IAM has denied this, saying the privately run school has not been accredited by them. The school needs to be accredited or it will be in breach of trading standards.

In response to the lack of accreditation Rev Powerful says,

“I have six degrees myself, two of them from Nigeria where I came from. I transformed my life and God has given me power to transform others. We are about to be accredited. We are in the process, making procedures, taking practical steps. Just because they haven’t heard of me today, does not mean they won’t hear of me tomorrow.”

CLICK HERE to visit Rev Dr Powerful’s ‘Havard School of Management & Technology UK’, that is being run from a city centre flat in Milton Keynes.

CLICK HERE to visit the Beloveth International Ministries website.

When I think about this entire situation and then look at Reverend Dr Tina Beloveth Powerful one word springs to mind – GINNAL .

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  1. Sounds like a scam to me. If she is Nigerian then there is definitely something wrong with this. I know my people already.

  2. Just read that the Rev is Nigerian……………………..its a scam, people are advised to stay away from this woman and her scam establishment “flat”.

  3. LMAO @ VERBS.

    God doesn’t like ugly. She is cheating those people purely for financial gain. She will get her karma in due time.

  4. i’m from milton keynes, i was suprised to see in the website that president obama lectures the students!!! have i missed something? this woman is a fraud, she’s not even a real reverend, its quite clear there is a loop hole for illegal immergrants to come to england, and for her to make money, she should be remanded in custody, till all her crimes are investigated, as chances are shewill just run away to nigera, to live in the big mansion she has built with our british money

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