It has been reported that comedian, actor and writer Felix Dexter died earlier today following a battle with multiple myeloma, a type of bone marrow cancer.

Felix starred in the hit 1990s BBC black British sketch show The Real McCoy and also recently starred in the BBC 1 sitcom Citizen Khan.

As far as I am concerned Felix was one of the funniest comedians out there, hands down.

Rest In Peace Felix Dexter.

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  1. To come home and read this absolutely breaks my heart. RIP. He was to me a legend who was under used in this country, was the funniest Black British Comedian ever. The funniest person on Real McCoy and i am blessed to have watched him live doing the odd stand up. Damn!

    And did you @Janice not just put up some classics from him the other day?

    Surely one of the other comedians of the day needs to do something in memory for this man.

  2. Very sad news. He will be missed. And I agree he was the funniest black British comedian ever and was the funniest comic on The Real McCoy. I used to look forward to his monologues.

    Yes I posted some of his classic Real McCoy monologues several months ago.

    It would be nice if comedians of the day did something to honour Felix.. But I’m not going to hold my breath. Although I could be proved wrong….

  3. @Janice
    I agree, even if it was something like a one off comedy show, a DVD of all his stuff, a documentary on his life on TV or youtube….

  4. This one hurts……. Rest in peace Felixstowe dexter…… Your impressions using Nigerian accents used to crack me up…. Plus other.. YOU WILL BE MISSED

  5. This is sad. I agree, Felix was one of Britain’s funniest comedian’s. He should have been a household name (not just in Black household). And his solo spots on the Real McKoy were the highlight of the show for me.

  6. I met Felix in 1985- we were on the same bill in Norwich. He blew me away- I had never met such a funny and inspirational guy- we stayed in touch for 4 years and then his life really went where it needed to go- and in fact I never understood why he wasn’t a huge star- maybe he didn’t want that- he was so bright -his intellect was so perceptive and sharp- I missed his friendship- I loved hearing and seeing him when he was on the media- and now I just feel lucky to have had the connection we did- but feel desperately sad that he suffered with such an unforgiving illness.. I would imagine anyone who new him could only love him. I certainly did. I hope all who knew and loved him will celebrate his life and grieve him well..

  7. This is very sad news. I LOVED his comedy and he was indeed my favourite on The Real McCoy. It’s shows like The Real McCoy that truly showcased Black British Comedy that was actually funny. Such a shame that the BBC lost the archives of this show because I would have certainly made it a part of my dvd collection.

    RIP Felix Dexter and thanks for the many laughs.

  8. Well, this right here has got me in tears. Just come off the Guardian website and had to rush here. Shocked is an understatement ( I didn’t even know that he was ill). R.I.P.

  9. Janice aka Miss Mad News :
    The BBC hasn’t lost the archives –
    But now that Felix has died they might try to cash in.

    Thanks for clearing that up, I definitely missed that post. The last I heard was that they were lost, so thank God they aren’t.

    Channel 4 managed to put Desmond’s on DVD (I have the first 2 series) but the bigger BBC can’t be bothered to for The Real McCoy. Bet they wouldn’t think twice if it was an Asian show or that God awful Miranda Or Mrs Brown’s Boys. KMT!

  10. RIP to a super talented comedian and entertainer. Mr Felix Dexter and his peers really did pave the way. Loved watching him.

  11. Man….. that’s actually got me a bit chocked, this guy was super talented and like Cameron said so underused. If he was American he would’ve been huge. I still watch his old Real McCoy clips now. I’m gutted.

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