Lorna Simpson

Lorna Simpson

X Factor contestant Lorna Simpson has talked about the shame she feels after appearing in the straight to World Wide Web low budget film ‘Hood Loyalty’, released last month.

When asked about the explicit sex scenes featuring her and Jeremiah Kirlew, Lorna said:

I’m so ashamed I took part. It wasn’t even lots of money, I just thought it would help my career. We weren’t actually having sex. It was just acting. I didn’t realise it would be explicit, but by the time we came to film the scenes it was too late for me to back out.

“I wish I’d never done it. I hope people won’t judge me. I really want to be a singer and I’m so grateful Sharon Osbourne has put her faith in me.”

Lorna was apparently only paid £150.00 for the role.

In response actor and the film’s creator Jeremiah Kirlew posted this badly written message on his website:

Hood loyalty is the best film i have complete to date. The clear progress i’ve  made since my 1st film “payback” in 07 shows a lot more than a young black man’s “gangster film” , instead “hood loyalty” carefully depicts the streets and peoples loyalty. the media called it gangster film but i gave the movie the name “hood loyalty” ; there is clear difference. in reference the female focus of attention, she say’s I put up the film out of spite, which is poppy cock.after all actors involved agrees to their roles in script, then successfully played their roles & stuck to the script agrees ,i put up what we all agreed to. The first scene I and Lorna Simpson ever done together was he sex scene no one ever came to me and told me anything anywhere along the lines of “don’t put it up”, the female focus of attention is grown women and she new what she was doing at the time. i make moviez; i cant imagine a successful or determined up&coming director halting an entire project because one persons plans changed after the film was completed.

Jeremiah Kirlew

Jeremiah Kirlew

‘I didn’t realise it would be explicit, but by the time we came to film the scenes it was too late for me to back out’.

Sadly there are young women in the world, desperate to forge out careers in entertainment who end up in uncomfortable situations like this and then feel they have no power and no voice to just say NO.

As for Jeremiah…

Lorna is not the one who should feel ashamed, no, poor excuse for a film director/writer Jeremiah is the one who should feel SHAME for making such an awful film.

I would advise aspiring young actresses looking for their ‘big break’ to stay far away from future Jeremiah Kirlew amateur film projects especially if they are required to appear in a sex scene. It doesn’t come any more lower budget than ‘Hood Loyalty’ and those particular scenes were gratuitous, amateur, sleazy, and an opportunity for Jeremiah to get his rocks off.

Lorna I wish you the best of luck while on your X Factor journey.

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  1. These cooning Negroes always seem to have some sort of excuse at the ready for their debauchery and perpetuation of the black stereotypes through their bottom barrel back of yard dusty bin film productions. Blacks are the only folks who seem not to be able to diversify topics when it comes down to film making in general, this has to change and gradually some blacks are beginning to get it and go against the permitted genres handed down by the HM Film Establishment.

  2. Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is. She featured in a sex scene in a low budget movie, who cares. They’re both adults and they were acting out a scene. Many A-list actors and actresses have featured in sex scenes in movie roles in the past. Don’t they have anything better to report on the news these days? I’ve seen the scene in question myself and they were indeed gratuitous, amateur and sleazy. If “hood loyalty” is his best film to date since 2007, then I suggest he finds a new occupation.

  3. I think she feels ashamed because she feels she did something desperately as low as that to be somewhere, for such amount, which did not materialize. She must be beating herself up. Hopefully she has learnt something. The music industry where she is going is no better, ask Alexandra.

    I have no words for the director because he obviously believes sex sells and no one can say anything.

  4. Afotey Annum :

    BTW, the scene wasn’t even all that risque, IMHO. Sans the breasts, I’ve seen worse on mainstream TV here in the ‘States…

    Yes there are risque scenes mainly on HBO dramas, but they are not zero budget amateur productions. Those shows are generally well made, hired talented actors, provide good sound, they are well shot, good lighting etc.

    Hood Loyalty is a load of gang nonsense, made by a man who is playing at being a film director. Judging by the other explicit scenes in the film he would be better off making amateur porn films.

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