Kanye West vs Jimmy Kimmel

Kanye West vs Jimmy Kimmel

US comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is quaking in his boots after upsetting Kanye West.

After Kanye’s interview with BBC Radio’s Zane Lowe hit the Internet, Jimmy came up with the hilarious spoof below.

Last night Kanye was not a happy bunny and took to Twitter to vent.

And in response to Kanye’s Twitter rant a visibly shaken Kimmel said…


This is what happens Kanye when you attempt to go after a late night talk show comedian.


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  1. Ahhhhh Jimmy Kimmel, funny is not even the word for his response. Kanye really does make a rod for his own back lol.
    Considering he thinks that he wrote the best second verse in a rap song EVER, why are his disses so juvenile? How do you call a man like Jimmy Kimmel “SpongeBob Squarepants”? Am I the only one that found that diss something similar to a four year old child saying “Your just a poopy head!” LMAO!!!

  2. I blame Jay Z for encouraging all those under him to talk and feel bigger than they really are.
    Jay Z does the same thing and no one says anything. Kanye does the same thing and always gets burnt. He had better start being his own person and do what is best for him.

  3. Where are the great artists we had like MJ who were brilliant but never felt what they did was perfect and always aspired to better within their craft? Now we have mugs like Kanye trying to tell us that they’re great, powerful and influential. There are not enough seats on the planet to offer this fool.

    As soon as Kanye started his rant to Kimmel I knew he’d be made a fool of once again and I was right. All he did was hand Kimmel more comedic material and make Kanye look even more stupid.

  4. He looks like the thinner version of Tom Hanks.
    Kanye needs to be doing more interviews rather than locking himself away and then coming out to do one interview claiming it’s the realest interview. You cannot claim to be real when all you are doing is being dishonest with yourself and others.

  5. Wait a sec…I finally pressed play, so that’s some of the ish Kanye said?! Wow leather jogging leggings?! No Kanye NO!! Go directly to jail, DO NOT pass go, DO NOT collect £200. No. Just. No.

    Jimmy hats off to you…

  6. Typical of us to laugh at Kanye… In the interview he was not overly articulate and is very passionate and frustrated when he speaks but a lot of the points he was making were valid.

    F*ck jay-z though.

  7. Yeah he made the odd valid point but those get lost because of the crap he talks. Kanye speaks out against corporations but then goes back and starts begging those same corporations to work with him. He talks about racism but thinks it’s appropriate to say the word “nigger” on numerous occasions during an interview with the BBC who for some reason didn’t feel the need to bleep that vile word out. This the son of a former Black Panther/Civil Rights activist. The man is a walking contradiction and a bloody fool.

    Jimmy didn’t do anything. All he did was hire a child to repeat the EXACT words Kanye said in that interview.

  8. i can’t speak on whether your correct if he goes back to corporation and begs. examples?
    i mean if you going to talk about racism especially if your black person, you can’t exactly avoid the word ‘nigger’ like i don’t think you were paying attention to the i mean …. it really is counter-productive not to include the word when talking racism. would you want every word in the discussion to refer to it as ‘the big bad word’ …. like i can’t be the only one thinks the word is appropriate , right?

    just admit you don’t like the guy , like i’m on the fence about kanye but I understand that he has valid points on the discussion on racism.

    like you would rather side with a white man who satirizes a black man’s plight than have any grounded opinions from yourself other than he uses the word “nigger” a lot. you sound like middle age conservative white woman. gawd!!

  9. The “context” lol. No I don’t think you were paying attention to context.

    I sound like a middle aged conservative white woman do I??

    LMAO…I don’t even have the energy…

    The same goes for your thoughts on his constant use of the word “nigger”… again I don’t have the energy.

  10. i’m not a kanye defender and i have noticed that what you like to deter the converstaion, by calling people mindless sympathizers on your site. but look is kanye wrong when he says poc get shitted on by white people? is he wrong when he says there are ceilings opposed on poc so that they unable move up in the world? like honestly i’m interested in your views on the topic.

    kanye just can’t articulate it properly, that’s why I think you have a problem with him. like a lot rappers say nigger a lot it appears in their music, interviews,…. to single him out is a bit silly.

    (the argument that he is a celebrity so he should be shitted is very redundant – like who really asks to be a celebrity when it is just a product of being good at something) – i’m anticipating your arguments incase i get blocked lol.

    i only called you that because I have literally seen a white woman respond to a discussion on rascism like that. no lie.

  11. Kanye take on racism, white man this white man that yet has a child with a white woman , the irony of some. Anyway, his reaction was out of proportion and very childish and I might be listening to different songs because Kanye is not this genius tortured artist he makes himself to be and a lot of people buy into it.

  12. Kanye is full of contradictions and I feel that he suffers from the syndrome where racism is only an issue when it is happening to you or when you are denied what you want. Take the fashion industry where he rages about the elite not letting him in. The fashion industry like any other is all about circles – who you know etc. He seems bitter that they won’t allow him in and he states that it is due to his skin colour. In actual fact it could be that he has never studied fashion academically and the fashion people tend to look down on people who they define as outsiders coming and in on their turf. Or then again maybe his collection is just pure crap and he does not have what it takes to produce a great collection. Either way he needs to get off his soap box – if he is really dedicated to becoming a designer, he has funds why not set up his own House of Kanye and host his own fashion shows? I am sure he would pack it out but he seems desperate for acceptance from the elite. I wonder why?

  13. Because that’s what Jay z has taught him. That’s what Jay z does, he rolls with the who is who and then uses that to push himself up. Maybe that’s why he got with Kim. He thought it would be a perfect match and help him too in his fashion endeavors. Obviously not. As a rapper, maybe he needs to start venturing in snickers, hats, sports jerseys, bling bling and all those stereotypical hip hop clothing and stop trying the elite because they just don’t see him as their class. He is a rapper and he must never forget that, not just a rapper but he chose to be a dumb rapper. His choices, his consequences.

  14. Kanye made the mistake of thinking that because he is successful, has made a lot of money and is famous that this would enable him to move freely in to different circles and people would welcome him with open arms. Hanging around Anna Wintour and telling anyone who will listen that he had dinner with her, like that is somehow going to change his situation and the elite’s attitude towards him. Whatever Kanye.. you should have known better.

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