Kanye Kardashian

BBC Radio’s Zane Lowe gushes all over Kanye West in the first of a special four part interview.

Watch Kanye chat out of his batty below.


Where to begin….

For a start I wish he would stop saying the word “nigger”.  It’s bad enough when he says the word constantly in his music but in a BBC Radio interview with Zane Lowe that will be watched by millions… it just makes me want to rip his jaw off and crush those ridiculous gold grills.

I get the impression that Kanye has experienced a HUGE wake up call during the past couple of years.  Kanye fell in to the trap of believing that his wealth and super stardom would smash down the “glass ceiling”, and that he would then be welcomed by everyone (e.g. the fashion industry) and a variety of other social circles.

But surprise surprise that hasn’t happened.

The man is just a walking contradiction.

You would think that the son of a former Black Panther/Civil Rights activists would know and act better.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. First off, I tried but couldn’t listen to all of it. I nearly stopped at ‘ live like you are dying tomorrow’, and then I decided to listen out for more nonsense and finally stopped at ‘ Michael Jackson didn’t go beyond a certain point and I have gone beyond that’.

    Second, how can two people sit together and talk a lot but say nothing on radio?

    Kanye West has allowed Jay z to influence him and destroy him. K. Koke take notes then go and thank your Lord.

    If Zane Lowe is a DJ, why does he keep making a fool out of these men? Why does he talk about the technicalities of these albums? I am a lay man and I don’t count bars in music, or the connections or verses etc, that is the rapper’s problem, all I care about is what is he saying, what’s the message if there’s any ? Does it make sense? Do I like it? Full stop.

    Jay Z is going to go to hell with a first class ticket and with special treatment and priority.

  2. Kanye should do more interviews so that he can say less and more meaningful things in each interview. He can passionately talk about his music, art and shoe and cloth designing but can’t talk about how fatherhood has changed him. That was the only highlight of the interview and the only thing that seemed to bring him back to earth and pause and breathe and think for a minute deeply. The rest of the interview was absolute rubbish.

  3. The man is a joke talking about his black panther relatives. They didn’t spend their time running after music accolades and fashion recognition. He should relieve himself of the burden of being a black panther grand child and feeling obligated to carry on their work when he clearly doesn’t want to and is not able to. He is like Tupac who wanted to take on that responsibility but obviously couldn’t, and look where he ended up.

    Jimmy Kimmel seems to be one of those annoying comedians who feel they can do whatever and get away with it, making him not funny. I don’t think he is funny at all.

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