For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Jay Z and Harry Belafonte controversy here is a brief run down of what happened.

Last year the legendary singer, songwriter, actor and Civil Rights activist Harry Belafonte  accused Jay Z and his wife Beyonce of turning their backs on social responsibility. This rattled the Jigga man’s cage and he responded by calling the 86 YEAR OLD a “boy” on the track called Nickles And Dimes (featured on his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail). CLICK HERE to read all about. 

During a recent interview Oprah was asked about the controversy and said:

“Jay uses his music, he uses his life, he uses his art-fullness his ability as a business man that is his protest against all the indignities not only he has suffered but generations before him have suffered.. not everyone has the same way. “

Oprah also revealed that she has listened to Jay Z’s latest album Magna Carta: Holy Grail.

Watch her interview below (she is also promoting her new film The Butler).

I respect Oprah and her achievements but this annoys me.

How things change. I have a long memory and remember when Oprah had no time for rappers like  Jay Z. She had no time for the misogynistic lyrical content, the constant use of the word “nigger” (this woman was born and raised in the segregated deep south where lynching was seen as a sport) and hated what this type of rapper represented.  But this seemed to change after she befriended his then not so secret girlfriend SUPERSTAR Beyonce  (who Oprah LIVES for).

Before you knew it Oprah was flying in to Marcy Projects on her luxurious private jet desperate to learn more about Jay and his background. An entire segment was dedicated to interviewing Jay and visiting his old neighbourhood in Brooklyn, New York.

Please note that prior to the Beyonce and Jay ‘mega union’ Oprah had no interest in using her platform to promote that breed of artist.

Now fast forward to 2013 and Oprah is sitting down defending Jay Z, chooses to ignore the disrespectful remarks directed at her friend Harry Belafonte and bops her head to the Magna Carta: Holy Grail, while Jay raps about wanting “my wife to f**k me like a prostitute” and spits the word “nigger” over and over again.

Jay also admitted in a recent interview with Hot 97 that he and Oprah are text buddies.

Really O???

All I can do is laugh and shake my head.

Jay Z’s batty juice must really taste sweet like chocolate. Oprah needs to be weaned off it ASAP.

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  1. Jay Z and Oprah Winfrey are both cut from the same cloth in that they were funded by “other hidden hands” into the high positions that they hold today. Neither one of them pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. Oprah, o you hypocrite.

  2. And I am so tired of the potus and all these high profile celebrities celebrating a man whose music they clearly haven’t listened to and have no intention of listening to because it stinks, and I know Oprah hasn’t listened to it but only hears what jay z has told her it’s about. The man has managed to spin his tale so perfectly and cover himself by doing philanthropy to disguise himself, and also hide behind beyonce. He is a real hustler and has managed to get people to think differently. He is like a cult leader. If you have Potus and Oprah on your side, you have just about silenced everyone and managed to get away with murder.

  3. And Oprah, you have betrayed your whole generation who knew and did better. Shame on you and probably that racism you faced at the shop the other time was a reminder of who you really are and what people think of you despite the success you have had.

  4. I wonder if she has done a show on Trayvon Martin. If not, and she has gone on to do a defending jay z show before considering that of Trayvon, then it speaks volumes about her.

  5. Jay z does not use his life, artfullness, music, to inspire or be the example and change he wants to see in hid community. He uses all that to trample upon on others who have not been fortunate enough to live in the ghetto, those who have a conscience and can articulate and put effort into writing socially conscious music. Jay z does not advocate for what you represent Oprah, contrary to popular belief. Jay z despises and hates everything that you are and represent Oprah but he doesn’t mind using you as a stepping stone to go higher and if need be higher than you Oprah. Jay z thrives and lives for the downfall of those better than him in more ways than just money Oprah, and if you as a literate and intelligent woman had bothered to listen to his work or have a quick read through, you would know that Jay z is nothing you are talking about and he has managed to make youmake a fool of yourself. Which is probably something he will be pleased about since you spent many years looking down on them, and here you are, stooping down to his level, it cannot get any better than this, now can it. The mighty Oprah, brought down to her knees, what next, get him back on your show to perform Picasso baby. I digress.

  6. You are talking about a woman who had rihanna, beyonce and him on her show. I find it funny that kanye has always been kept away from those kinds of circles. The president was calling him a douche bag or something,and these painstaking fame seekers left him for dead. Oprah is desperate to be on the side of those dominating mainstream to keep her show going. This is a woman who doesn’t employ black people by the way. And I love me some Oprah, but she darn sold her soul for chips.

  7. I have no time for Oprah and don’t even care about that so called racist incident in Switzerland, she’s a hypocrite, how can you have a policy of not letting rappers on your show like 50 Cent because of their lyrics and then start hanging with JAY-Z. I’m sorry have I missed something here? It seems to me even with all their money, there is someone bigger than both of them pulling the strings.

  8. I am looking forward to watching the butler. Such movies are not easy to watch due to a lot of awkwardness that is felt in the cinema, and harder for black people because of feelings of embarrassment, shame, smallness. But I would rather watch this than Django, the story is better told in that sense.

  9. Janice aka Miss Mad News :
    She did later interview 50 Cent on her ‘Next Chapter’ show on her OWN network. I think this was done for ratings. lol

    Yeah that doesn’t surprise me.
    @Lati why would you rather watch The Butler than Django? I’m not even gonna watch The Butler it sounds like another The Help. I’m tired of these kinds of films.

  10. I said that because I thought it had been written by a black person. Obviously not. If only black people could write such stories and get funding for them and equally much support.

    I do think though that ‘the roots’ the series had stronger stories of family.

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