For many Miley Cyrus’ sudden interest in rap music and ‘twerking’ (a dance move that is at least 20 years old – check the Jamaican Dancehall scene) is a problem.

I don’t know whether I find her antics of late desperate or just plain offensive.

However musician, filmmaker, actor, entrepreneur, Channel 4 correspondent and now a writer for The Guardian Boya Dee does not have a problem with Miley’s ridiculous antics and explains why in an article recently posted on The Guardian website.

In May Boya Dee was an eye witness to the brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich.  It was his tweets detailing events on that tragic day (‘reported’ in a mix of Jamaican, American and London street slang) that caught the attention of major mainstream media outlets.

Boya Dee

Boya Dee

Check out his article:

Miley Cyrus’s recent escapades into hip-hop culture have provoked outrage in circles that you might not expect to have been following the Hannah Montana star’s pop career. It’s not only the music, but how she has represented herself in her new video for We Can’t Stop, which broke Vevo’s record for most video views in 24 hours.

Critics have argued that her use of imagery and colloquialisms normally associated with African American culture – like the gold grills and extravagant chains – is a crass example of cultural appropriation. Her fans might say that Miley’s artistic expression and the video bridges the proverbial gap between white artists and modern black music culture, which – whether you like it or not – has become ubiquitously mainstream.

For those in full support of this change in Miley’s output, thumbs up to you. Continue Reading.


“Also, Miley is no stranger to hip-hop culture – she rolls deep with rappers such as Snoop DoggJuicy J and Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator – and she’s known to be quite partial to the old cannabis plant. So she surrounds herself in the culture and then produces music of the same ilk – a natural chain of events, no?”

What Miley is doing is not Hip Hop.

I can’t quite figure out if old Boya Dee wrote this article for a laugh and to wind people up. Or if he was as serious as judge when he sat down in front of his lap top and decided to co-sign Miley’s nonsense.

In response to this article a friend of mine observed:

It is quite telling of the powers that be and their agenda how this guy gets a Guardian column after being a ‘comical black neighbour’ type eye witness to the Woolwich attack…

Things that make you go HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM……….. *rubs chin*

Mad News readers your thoughts please……

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  1. This whole Boya Dee thing has me confused. Are the media asking his opinion on everything because they think he is the voice of his generation or are they taking advantage of the fact that he is a “known personalty” from a tragic event?
    I am sure they could of asked a whirl of different black musicians to do this article, they could of asked Akala, you know he would of had a good break down of the situation.

    As for Miley Cyrus, it’s no different to what always happenings in music, she is in a long line of them, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake etc.

  2. As far as I am concerned, that whole so called “Woolwich Attack” is still questionably suspicious in my mind:

    So indeed, this is something warranted to rub your chin about.

  3. I stopped reading at ‘quite partial to the cannabis plant’. I am waiting for her to get acquainted with the guns and misogyny language. And Biggs this and that, bitch this and ho that. Then she will be fully hip hop and black.

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