Suspect Michael Adebolajo and Drummer Lee Rigby

Suspect Michael Adebolajo and Drummer Lee Rigby

A week ago 25 year old soldier Lee Rigby was brutally murdered in broad daylight in Woolwich South East London. Suspects Michael Adebolajo (28) and Michael Adebowale (22 ) were later shot by police.

Now relatives of Adebolajo have released a statement sending their condolences to Rigby’s family.

The family said:

“We wish to share with others our horror at the senseless killing of Lee Rigby and express our profound shame and distress that this has brought on our family.

“We send our heartfelt condolence to Lee Rigby’s family and loved ones.”

 “We wish to state openly that we believe that there is no place for violence in the name of religion or politics.

“We believe all right thinking members of society share this view wherever they were born and whatever their religion and political beliefs.

“We wholeheartedly condemn all those who engage in acts of terror and fully reject any suggestion by them that religion or politics can justify this kind of violence.

“We unreservedly put out faith in the rule of law and with others fully expect that all the perpetrators will be brought to justice under the law of the land.

“And we pray for Lee Rigby’s soul to rest in peace, for the Lord to comfort his parents and loved ones and provide all of us affected the strength and fortitude to cope with this tragedy.”

I followed this shocking event while on holiday and read about far-right group EDL (The English Defence League) going on a mini rampage through Woolwich hours after Rigby’s death, eager to use this tragic incident to further their racist agenda.

Then came the British media’s irresponsible reporting antics (but this was expected), the senseless attacks on mosques in different parts of the country, and the arrest of suspect Michael Adebolajo’s friend Abu Nusaybah.  Nusaybah was arrested on BBC premises after he revealed during a Newsnight interview that Adebolajo was previously being “harassed” by MI5 and had been asked to work for the agency (CLICK HERE to read about it).

Police claim that Nusaybah’s revealing interview with Newsnight did not trigger his arrest (Hmmmmmmmm). Has anyone heard from Nusaybah since his arrest? Has he now been released?

Co-accused Michael Adebowale was released from hospital yesterday and is being questioned by counter-terrorism detectives. Adebolajo still remains in hospital recovering from his injuries.

MI5 is now deep in the mix and as each day passes news about their alleged involvement with Michael Adebolajo  prior to Drummer Lee Rigby’s death just get’s murkier. There just seems to be so much going on here… but you know what I am just going to leave it there.

Rest In Peace Lee Rigby.

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  1. @ Janice. Hope your holiday went well. You best leave this one to the “higher ups”. I am one of those born in the seventies black women who can be more accepting of conspiracy theories than I perhaps should, but I beg you, leave this one, yuh have yuh life fi live (lol).

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