Tulisa partying with rapper Mike GLC

N-Dubz star and former X-Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos has been allegedly exposed as a drugs fixer after she boasted to an undercover reporter from The Sun that she could get him any drugs he wanted saying,

“Half the guys I know are drug dealers. One’s a massive cocaine dealer. He’s my best friend. He’s a gangster — he’s my gangster.”

According to the newspaper her dealer friend is rapper Mike GLC who allegedly sold £800 worth of cocaine to the undercover reporter after Tulisa had sent text messages asking him to sort the transaction out. The reporter then spoke to Mike, who said he only supplied wholesale quantities of the drug and eventually agreed to sell half an ounce for £800, with an added £20 for delivery costs.

Representatives for Tulisa have declined to comment on the story (no surprise there).

Click here to read The Sun’s exposé.

Click here to view photographs of Tulisa and ‘best friend’ Mike GLC living it up in Marbella.

Listen to Tulisa talking to the undercover reporter and watch footage of Mike GLC meeting the undercover reporter.


When the desperation to be seen as ‘hood’, cool and down with the ‘man dem’ goes oh so wrong.

If this is all true then Tulisa will have to delete the majority of numbers in her phone book (the man dem must be bricking it as I type) and then she needs to think long and hard about her future.

As for her friend Mike GLC… Oh dear. If Mike GLC is the UK’s answer to Pablo Escobar, then I suggest he gets on the blower to his legal team ASAP!

Mike and Tulisa do have their supporters though. Rapper English Frank who set the Internet alight several months ago after footage of him belittling an African security guard during a concert (click here) hit YouTube, tweeted this breed of dumb foolishness:

*kisses teeth and shakes head* DAMN IDIOT.

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  1. Damn, I guess sellin’ mixtapes aint paying the bills for Mike GLC.

    As for Tulisa – she always struck me as someone who gravitates towards Black people who live the criminal life, because that’s how she likes Black people (men, specifically) to behave.

    And if there was any doubt that English Frank was a joker – well, see ‘im tweet deh.

  2. I remember when The Voice.. or it might have been the now defunct New Nation featured an article about Mike GLC years ago. He was talking about selling over 8000 mixtapes on Oxford Street.

    “As for Tulisa – she always struck me as someone who gravitates towards Black people who live the criminal life, because that’s how she likes Black people (men, specifically) to behave.”

    I agree

  3. You would think after the News of the World reporters used to entrap all those celebrities and royals these public figures would wise up. How can you just run your mouth about sensitive business or foolishness to a stranger?The Sun is still more or less the same thing right?

  4. It’s peak for Mike GLC at the moment. He’s definitely facing a charge. Evidence is as clear as day. They are going to make an example out of him. Someone was unhappy seeing mike GLC in all those pictures with her, he had to be taken out. I bet Mike wishes he gave him the 4 or 5 grams he asked for instead of dropping ”I only do wholesale.”

    As for Tulisa, I’m sure most celebrities will have a friend that deals in ‘sweets’ too. There’s only a hand full of celebrities that would surprise me if they had contact with dealers.

  5. Damnnnn it looks like it’s all going off. Mike’s a good rapper and he did sell alot of mixtapes but I don’t know about 8000 he also used to have a modelling agency. This just shows what an idoit Tulisa is and how she just wants to be down, as for Mike he might just be writing more letters for his grilfriend from a prison cell.

  6. The whole tape was cringeworthy from Mike proudly showing the reporter pictures of him and Tulisa, to how he counted the money like a dunce, to Tulisa talking about “in her real ghetto ghetto days” *cringe*

  7. I think the reporter has been around her for a while and has built up trust with her, the same thing happened with John Terry’s dad a while ago, the reporter built up trust with him for 9 months then asked if he knew anyone who sold coke. I personally think Tulisa was mouthing off because even though she is very famous she still wants to show she’s down, the same thing happens with football players who come from the street, still she should’ve know better, Mike’s been left seriously out in the open, and I personally know he’s around alot of celebrites so it won’t be long before more starts coming out, but the way things are in rap he’ll probably make an album and shift more than 8000 copies.

  8. lol this is a page for haters. the disgusting thing is the undercover. it wasnt a stranger. without doubt someone trying to get in close. how can anyone have that personality trait. to be around you and with you. to doing that for a job appraisal. the f*ck is wrong with people. including you. making it about race. ashamed?

  9. I do not seem to have much sympathy for these two, especially Tulisa. These newspaper stings has been going around longer than Tulisa has been on the planet. It’s not like she and her management team did not see the warning signs. They went for Dappy so many times, they went for her on the “sex tape”, they went for her in regards to a video shoot with “as the papers say, known gangsters”. How many warnings do you need.
    Certain media have their core of readers, the same core that will never fully accept people like her. The same core that will be more interested in a negative story if it involves the likes of Tulisa rather than a socialite or Indie rock star.
    In the eyes of the media drug taking and drug dealing is cool if you are a rock star, it’s all drugs and rock and roll. But if you are a “urban” star then you will be taken down swiftly, just like Amy Winehouse.

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