Naomi Oni

Naomi Oni

20-year old Naomi Oni suffered severe burns after a masked assailant threw acid in her face near her home in Dagenham Essex on December 30th 2013

The Sunday Times now reports that detectives apparently seized Oni’s laptop in January and claim she researched similar incidents online before her attack.

Via The Daily Mail

Police are believed to have seized a computer  belonging to a young woman who was badly scarred in an acid attack amid  suspicions that she may have caused the injuries herself.

But her family fear that detectives are not  doing enough to catch the perpetrator of the attack and are focusing on a  ‘crazy’ line of inquiry.

Police are understood to have taken Miss Oni’s laptop and are said to have discovered that she had searched the internet for websites about acid attacks before she received her injuries.

Officers are said to have asked Miss Oni’s  relatives whether she may have inflicted the injuries on herself but her  boyfriend Ato Owede, 23, has dismissed that line of inquiry as  ‘crazy’.

He told the Sunday Times: ‘They (the police)  need to keep investigating.

‘They’re concentrating on the wrong things at  the moment in terms of (her) researching acid attacks and stuff like  that.

‘They are just coming to a silly  conclusion.’ Continue Reading……

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Hmmmm…. interesting turn of events.

I wonder what prompted detectives to turn their attentions to her laptop….

But this could all just be a coincidence. Just because Naomi visited websites of this nature prior to her attack, it does not mean she then went on to inflict these injuries on herself.

Anyway I will keep a close eye on developments.

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  1. Well I guess the detectives being detectives had some suspicions of her story, which led them to look at her, hence seizing her laptop. Got to admit that’s a pretty unique coincidence and for them to release that info making it public they must have found enough evidence of her ‘researching’ acid attacks to say something on it.

    This is 2013 NOTHING surprises me anymore. I don’t know her so can’t say she never did this. She might suffer from mental health issues, a personality disorder, be a habitual liar who seeks attention. Or she may just be a victim in a heinous crime which is yet to be solved and her Internet searches are a sheer coincidence and nothing else.

    I mean even when the story broke people said there seems to be more to this story than meets the eye, why would someone randomly walk up to her with no motive and throw acid in her face is a lot of what I saw being written on the internet.

  2. Katie Pipers story a big deal in the media, i as well as millions of others must have read about it. And when someone is reading something often it may lead to other links associated with whatever it was they were reading. Even though the story does seem strange due to lack of motive,i dont think the police should rest on their laurels just because they found that info on her laptop. Lastly why would someone want o badly damage themselves like that unless they are mentally unstable.

  3. Remember when that guy randomly punched the young girl in her face and walked away? Random attacks do happen. This maybe a coincidence.

  4. It seemed odd that there was no motive and she had none. But seeing that this is the .com generation where kids can kill themselves due to internet bullying and or interactions with people on the internet, it might have Crossed their minds to find out what she might have been up to on the internet if she had no enemies out side. I remember back home a woman who was acid attacked but it was a mistaken identity. Somebody thought she was her home wrecker therefore attacked her.

    You have to really be brave to do this to yourself and or desperate or have severe mental health issues.

  5. She would have to be severely mentally ill of the highest order to pour acid on her own face and also the trajectory of the acid – it would be quite hard on a practical level to throw. Unless she too something like valium etc beforehand – was any substances found in her system? Secondly there must be thousands of people who have “researched” aka googled after watching Katie Piper’s appearances on TV.

    Nothing is impossible in this world so yes she could have done it. She has to live with herself looking in the mirror everyday which is punishment enough. However at this point unless the police have evidence can definitely prove otherwise she is a VICTIM of a horrific crime that the police should be putting every effort into investigating and solving. The fact that they are releasing such information about her instead is very troubling.

  6. I’m confused here, this woman gets attacked with acid and the police are seizing her laptop, now I know people will do anything to be famous these days, but don’t you think setting up an acid attack so you’re scarred for life is taking things just a little too far.

  7. Although it’s hard to believe someone will harm themself voluntarily but I do remember that Canadian Lady who claimed a Black Canadian woman threw acid at her because she was jealous of her beauty ( she even went as far as saying the Black chick who she described looking like a man, said to her: hey pretty then threw the acid at her). The Canadian woman went to all talk shows ( including Oprah Winfrey’s show)and featured in newspaper around the world etc… after investigation, the police revealed that she lied and used the acid on herself lol!

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