When I first spotted the news on Twitter (where it all goes down these days) that there were plans to make a UK version of the hit US VH1 “reality” show Love & Hip Hop I thought it was a joke (I still do). But  they are in the process of casting for the show.

So far America has brought us Love & Hip Hop (New York) and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I tried to watch the original show but lasted five minutes. I find it hard to suspend disbelief when it comes to that structured “reality” nonsense, where producers give the cast a brief outline of a script and they run with it from there.

Still I suppose the “up and coming” UK version will give the hundreds of “models”/”actresses” on Facebook with a 60 second appearance in a Grime video on their CV’s  and struggling egomaniac rappers along with their equally egomaniac “entourages” a chance to earn some money and get some  face time on TV.

BUT I do have a few questions …

Is VH1 (UK) /Viacom behind this project and will the show actually be aired on the channel?

So far all I have seen is a poster advertising a ‘casting party’ in a nightclub and tweets about how many young women have been cast along with a Gmail contact email address. There is no mention of VH1 actually being involved in this project. Or perhaps I missed it?

It just seems to me that if Viacom (the company that overseas VH1, MTV and BET) were involved the casting process would be low-key and they wouldn’t be promoting so heavily on Twitter. They also wouldn’t use a Gmail account as a contact email address.

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  1. Funny enough i watch them both. I see it for what it is…just foolish entertainment! Oh boy…watch out UK… The whole show is about bringing the drama!! Anything less than that…won’t be shown….

  2. I aint gonna lie. I love watching this foolishness but because of the state of TeamUk I doubt I will watch what the Uk has to offer especially if Mona Scott-Young is not the person behind it. The UK needs to stop following and start creating and innovating. real talk

  3. Oh dear! Why do I have a feeling it will be full of “Ashleys Coles” and “Taio Cruz’s” type men cahsing around after women of a certain persuasion….*rolls eyes*. We already know what sell-outs most of the men in “Team UK” are.

  4. I dont think Mona Scott has anything to do with this. Mona is the producer behind the entire series. Someone is trying to “bump” her idea. HILARIOUS!!

  5. The Americans are good at bringing UK creations to life. But when it comes to the other way round, there’s always something missing.

  6. Hmmm so if it’s not official, they should expect a lawsuit soon as they’ve used the official logo and are attempting to profit of the back off the existing series, right?? Bloody hell, you don’t need a business degree to see how this is gonna end!

  7. 200 applicants? Dont the original shows feature US hip hop artists and their wives/girlfriends? Who are these 200 people who applied to a casting to a gmail address? Did they even ask which channel will air this? This is actually hilarious, jan I look forward to you exposing the imbeciles behind this.

  8. Oh no………. I’ve watched some of the US version in NY with Jim Jones on and to be honest it’s not good at all, the women all make themselves look like fools, but hiphop is alot bigger in the US than the UK so I would like to see what women they use for this version no offense when the UK do things like this it always turns into something terrible, because we’re copying, this is going to be as good as the UK version of Pimp My Ride LMAO.

  9. yes there is just a certain gloss that only Americans can do,like someone said the UK Pimp my Ride was shocking amongst other things.

  10. I’ve never watched any of those shows – US ones or the ‘Essex’ ones – as the idea of faked “reality” sounds like a bag of nonsense to me. It’s just a cheap way of making a soap opera – no need to pay for professional writers or actors, just give a bunch of low/no paid wannabes a synopsis and say “action!” (and can you imagine the bad acting that’ll be on display in this?).

    I could be wrong but I reckon who ever is behind this is trying to generate interest in the hope of getting the show picked up by a TV channel – I don’t this has been actually commissioned as yet. It’ll probably end up as a web show, under a different name.

  11. I’m still bemused at them trying to promote it using the same logo and name as the existing show(s), I fail to understand how not ONE person involved with this didn’t put their hand up and say “Erm guys..I don’t think this is actually legal”…

    I agree with Chico-Rei, why do we have to copy everything the Yanks do anyway? No wonder we’re so ridiculed across the pond. Can’t we think of anything original ourselves? As Melissa pointed out the original shows feature ready-made, real-life couples, so where’s the sense in AUDITIONING for a show which is meant to have the same format? Are they just gonna have a bunch of fake couples on it then? Did anybody actually think this through at all?

    I think I’ll just stick to the original shows thanks and no I’m not “hating”, I’m merely pointing out scenarios which have (unbelievably) been overlooked, which any normal person with half a brain cell would question. Or maybe not, since 200 people allegedly trotted along to the auditions, with no questions asked thinking they were gonna be the new Jim Jones and Chrissie! SMH…

  12. Did anyone clock the gmail address…. surely if vh1 were behind this, the contact details would be more official?!

  13. oh it is happening alright(!). i happen to ‘know’ someone who went for the casting. a self-made MUA who has a child by some ex-footballer. so yeah, it’s going down.

  14. Yes 200 people apparently turned up for the casting. But the Twitter page hasn’t been updated since August 20th.

    I will believe this show is coming to our screens when VH1/Viacom confirm that a UK version of THEIR show is being made.

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