ITN News reports that fourteen people have been killed in Denvar, Colorado during a late night screening of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.

Police have confirmed 14 people have been killed and up to 50 injured after a shooting at a screening of the new Batman film in Denver, Colorado.

The suspect is now in custody.

A news press conference held by the Chief of the Aurora PD, Dan Oates, said that the shooting occurred just after 12.30am at a late night showing of the movie.

The suspect set off a gas canister before opening fire, and subsequently made claims to the police on the scene about explosives in his vicinity and his own residence. Continue Reading and view news footage.

[Thanks Mishal]

I am just stunned right now

Rest In Peace to all those who lost their lives.

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  1. Freaky white people with a lot of time on their hand are @ it again..all y’all need to give your life to christ..obviously in the last moments of this earth. Disaster here and there, crazy religious fanatic blowing up places now crazy white people..

  2. i fucked up and tweeted a joke about this when i first heard it cos i didnt really pay attention… but this is not good at all…!!! …

  3. I think that we can say that Verb’s point has been proven right here in relation to the ongoing campaign to demonise the gun.

    What about John who lives on the farm, has a wife and 4 children and has his guns locked up in the safe for protection? Nah, they conveniently wont show him. Banning guns never works and always funnels the guns into the hands of criminals, gangs and nutters. Look at the UK as an example. When I say criminals I am also talking about the police as isn’t it them who are also responsible for distributing the guns into the hands of gangs and criminals?

  4. so you are saying guns are demonised and made to look like it’s only the criminals that carry and misuse them leading to such violence,but you can walk into a gun store in US and get one like it was a packet of skittles. That’s when these ‘mentaly ill’ psychos or bullied kids take out their vengence on innocent people.Its just very tricky to determine and monitor who should ‘qualify’ for a gun licence and control it in such a way that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands-i think the US are finding that to be impossible.

    ‘What about John who lives on the farm, has a wife and 4 children and has his guns locked up in the safe for protection?.- sure he can get a gun easy….and what about a single woman/mother living in a gun totting neighborhood who needs to protect herself and possibly her children,one look at her postcode and that’s the end.Basically if i am still making sense guns will do more harm than good for the most part,i understand the need for self defense but someone being able to just buy a gun like its a lotto ticket terrifies me.

  5. @Lulu

    Firstly, it isn’t that easy to go and just buy a gun over the counter, there are background checks that are done on every person first before they can purchase one. Secondly, these psychotics and bullied kids as you call them are a very, very small minority of people but because the mainstream media is on board with the agenda to demonisation the gun, every story relating to some nut going around spraying people, they highlight with a passion, just as they jump on stories in relation to black people linked to crimes and murders, its the same stylo.

    Certain people shouldn’t drive cars because they are not competent enough and others drive dangerously but we don’t ban cars do we? A car is just as much a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands as a gun is. A car can kill you just as instantly as a gun can.

    On the contrary, the government of the US is making it increasing difficult for genuine people to buy a gun, yet the criminals and gangs are supplied with an abundance of all of their weaponry from the very same government and the police. The reason why the police don’t like the general public having guns is then they can no longer shake them down for money(which is really extortion) and bully the people.

    It is all about perception management, your view on the gun has been brought about from what you have been shown on television by the mainstream media and not from your own reasoning and thinking the matter through logically and coherently for yourself. I know this because I used to think in exactly the same manner until I realised that the media had hoodwinked me, I saw the deliberately biased coverage on guns and I found out what the real reasons were for why the media is always launching such an onslaught of negative coverage in relation to guns.

    You have to start thinking outside of the media box, they have done the same thing with Hemp and demonised that down to the ground also, one reason is because of the medicinal properties of the plant, it is literally a miracle plant that can heal anything in the body, from Aids to cancer, but no, we can’t have the public taking their health into their own hands now can we?, We(big pharma) would start to lose money. You should always keep the option open that there may be another side to the story that is deliberately being kept from you, and more often than not this seems to be the case:

  6. background checks clearly always fail. America definitely has issues with guns and people. It is becoming the expected thing unfortunately. I cannot tell which year I have not heard of some form of massacre in usa. so sad but true.

  7. i saw it on Michael Moore’s documentary, but you raised some good points about the media and how dangerous it can be to allow yourself to be blinded and how easy it is. There is this page on FB called Exposing the Truth i don’t know who writes it but there some chilling details that are revealed about the Government from wars,food,pharmaceutical companies etc People are definately rising up to these ‘powers’ but mostly are hiding though no one wants to ‘turn’ up missing.

  8. @Lulu

    Yeap, this is why everybody is always hearing about somebody being shot or some lunatic going off his trolley, because the government wants you in constant fear and the media is the extension arm they use to do it. Then the people turn to the very culprits causing the terror for help and salvation, rather like the battered wife who keeps returning to the abusive husband.

    Those who don’t know history should check out what happens to a nation when the citizenry is an unarmed citizenry. They always get run over and massacred by the government, police and military. That is what is coming to Britain and that is what they desire to achieve in the States aswell. You really would be in a catatonic state if you knew the depths of what the governments of the world are involved in:

  9. @Sofrolushes

    All the reason why the majority of people who own guns and use them in the right manner should hold onto them and even more people who are responsible should own a firearm. The answer to lunatics, criminals and gangs owning firearms is not to remove them from the hands of law abiding folks, it is to place more guns into the hands of more law abiding citizens. Sorry, you cannot avoid the bad fruits from obtaining weapons but you don’t in return remove the same weapons from the good so that they now cannot defend themselves, that doesn’t make any sense and is a recipe for disaster.

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