PC Harwood cleared of manslaughter

By now most of you will have seen the shocking YouTube footage (see below) of PC Simon Harwood, (45) hitting innocent  Ian Tomlinson with a baton and pushing him to the ground during the G20 protest that took place in London in April 2009.

Tomilinson later collapsed and died of internal injuries in hospital.

Ian Tomilinson was just walking along, minding his own business and wasn’t a threat to anyone. But the clear video evidence showing the jury this was over looked because today they cleared PC Simon Harwood of manslaughter.

*shaking my head*

Via The Daily Mail

Harwood denied manslaughter on the grounds that he used reasonable force.

Members of Mr Tomlinson’s family sobbed in the public gallery at Southwark Crown Court as the verdict was given today, as did Mr Harwood’s wife. The jury of seven women and five men took 18 hours and 45 minutes to clear him.

The not guilty verdict was ‘a joke’, Ian Tomlinson’s stepson said.

Speaking outside court, Paul King said: ‘In April 2009, along with everyone else, we saw the shocking video of Ian being violently assaulted by PC Harwood, just minutes before he died.

‘After the unlawful killing verdict at the inquest last year, we were expected to hear a guilty verdict, not a not guilty verdict. It really hurts.

‘But it’s not the end, we’re not giving up on justice for Ian.

‘There has to be one more formal and final answer to the question: who killed Ian Tomlinson? That will now be pursued in the civil courts.’

He added: ‘The last three years have been an uphill battle, we’ve had to deal with many obstacles, setbacks and emotions on the way.

‘It’s been very hard to keep going and we took strength and support from everyone, from the public.’

PC Harwood made no comment as he left the court. Continue Reading….

Those beasts always win in the end. They have been winning for DECADES. His poor grieving family will be left fighting to overturn this verdict for the rest of their days.

Rest In Peace Ian Tomilinson.

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  1. I hope people understand what the hidden message of this not guilty verdict to the police is here. This verdict has basically given them the green light to shoot you in the back of the head or bash you in the skull and basically they will have impunity from any reprisals, punishment or penalties. The same thing happened with that Brazilian chap on the London underground, the police got off there too remember?

    Are you all seeing the reason why guns are required in this country, not to go around shooting you fellow man with because he lives in a different postcode, but to protect yourselves from reprobate, corrupt, illegitimate government and these jack boot thug police who now believe that they are gods and have the right to do what they want, this is what the gun is for, its real purpose.

  2. Of course he’s guilty, and I hope the family continue to seek justice one way or the other.
    Same cop will bag a bit of compensation for his ‘stress’.

  3. look whats guns are doing to America,think that would be a terrible idea especially at the initial stages you would get a lot of trigger happy and ready idiots.

  4. @Lulu – No, the media only shows you gangsters, criminals and thugs on the streets with guns in America and the UK. The exact objective is to alter your perception and put you off the gun, in other words get you to shun a very efficient means of protection and look, it has worked. Don’t you find this suspect, that when they show you guns, it is only criminals, gangsters and thugs that have them?

    Then they show you the police and the military/army with guns to put another impression in your head, that it is only the cops and the army that are supposed to bear arms to protect themselves, not the general public also.

    They never show law abiding citizens with guns in their homes for protection nor do they ever show the law abiding citizens who open carry guns on the streets also for protection purposes. These trigger happy idiots you mentioned would think 4 times before breaking into your home or trying to rob you on the street if they knew that you owned or were carrying a peace keeper.

    Remember, because of the UK riots last summer, the UK police here have now been given the green light to use live ammunition rounds should riots break out again(which they will). What about the trigger happy UK police who cannot wait to use their new toys of warfare, how do you protect yourself against them? A bow and arrow will not suffice, nor will a knife. Suppose another riot kicks off and you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, they will assume that you are a rioter and blammo, Lulu is no more.

    This is why fox hunting was banned, not because of the cruelty factor, but to take the last vestige of guns away from the general public. Where you have a situation where only the police and the armed forces can have guns, you are simply living in faith that they will not turn those guns on you however, cases such as Tomlinson and the Brazilian man at Stockwell tube station, are clear indication of what is coming down the pike very soon.

    If you haven’t seen the film already, you need to watch Children Of Men with Clive Owen and behold what conditions are coming to London. They have thrown in you your face what kind of place London will be in the future, take note.

  5. By the way Janice, maximum respect for the link to that documentary, that is being downloaded immediately. We all need to know the history of the piracy the mafia known as the police in Britain have been getting away with.

  6. Wonder if the jury would have reached a guilty verdict if they knew that the cop has previous for violence and has been under investigation in the past for similar offences? And has escaped charges in the past by retiring on medical grounds only to later rejoin the Met?

  7. ^^^^^ really? Oh my word, the police should not make people feel unsafe that in itself is criminal and shocking.I will watch that movie after work,knowing what you talk about i am sure it is grim.

  8. *sips tea* no surprise there. Police are 100% corrupt
    Mark Duggan
    Smiley Culture
    Shenice Paris Goff, who “fell” from the 17th floor of her flat during a police raid
    Need I go on?

  9. Lulu

    It is a very grim outlook on London, so prepare yourself for the worst. In particular observe the behaviour of the police in the film, it is very telling.

  10. And we wonder why people are reluctant to approach the ‘cops’…. when the gun’s were dished out to the ‘trigger happy one’s’ some weren’t even trained-up to operate such deadly weapons – fired anyway…….
    There are some lousey vermin working within the police force and will cover each other’s backs with lies.
    ” At least 944 serving cops and community support officers have criminal records, new figures show. The offences include causing death by careless driving, robbery, burglary, supplying drugs, domestic violence, forgery and perverting the course of justice.
    Those with criminal records include a chief inspector at the Metropolitan Police and two detective chief inspectors.
    The London force had the highest figure of 356 cops and 41 support officers with convictions.
    Meanwhile, new figures show that Met chiefs let 130 staff leave the force instead of facing a misconduct panel last year. They also sacked 43 cops.
    Commander Peter Spindler insisted it was “more pragmatic to let them resign” and denied letting officers off the hook”

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