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“I feel like it’s important for me as a filmmaker to keep evolving. And as a person in general, I think it’s important to always want to progress and do better. But more specifically, as a member of the black community, I’ve seen that we have progressed so far, and it’s now time to move on.

“If people wanna say this [street dramas] trend is my fault, I’ll take that on the chin. I’m proud that I did those films and I’m proud that they spawned more, because if I hadn’t made those films (Kidulthood and Adulthood), we wouldn’t have had as many black actors on screens as we’ve had in the past few years.”

“Now, I don’t think we need to be seen as those guys anymore; angry guys swinging bats. Those types of films were a call for attention, as if to say ‘we [black actors and filmmakers] are here’ – much like films like Boyz N The Hood and Menace II Society were in America 15, 20 years ago.”

“But after that, black American films moved on and I think we need to do the same in the UK. That’s why I did It was a conscious choice not to make a third ‘hood’ film, but to instead make a film about four girls. Now, Storage 24 shows people from our community that you can be in a film fighting aliens. It’s not just Will Smith that can do that [in Men In Black] – you can do it! And not only can you do it, but you don’t have to die first!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some black militant who’s going around waving my fist.“My wife’s Portuguese; my oldest son can count to 10 in French, Portuguese and English. But I don’t forget what I am and where I’m from, and what my mum went through to get me to where I am today. [Via The Voice]

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I agree that it is time to move on from tired films/dramas that depict gang violence, road man antics and young black males behaving like wild animals. But thankfully we seem to be steadily moving on from this phase.

And as for quickly insisting that he is “no black militant who’s going around waving my fist” etc…. Don’t fret Noel. No one thinks that you’re a “black militant” because you have spoken out about the plight of black actors in this country. You haven’t alienated a broad section of your fan base and industry bigwigs will still give your future projects the green light.

Now take a deep breath and breathe.

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  1. I totally agree that it is definitely time we moved away from street films but the bit about not being a black militant and going on to mention his wife’s nationality really does highlight just how cowardly high profile black men are in Britain.

  2. I agree Noel, you can do it in the film and entertainment industry……………..IF YOU KISS THE JewISH ring first, after all they also run the film industry here aswell as in America. If you think that you can just roll up with your lonesome self and break through barrier after barrier without first getting the approval of the masters, then I have some Skegness sea front property to sell you.

    Again, this whole notion of rags to riches is complete bollocks for the most part, and those who it does apply to genuinely are very few and far between and can only progress so far up the ladder before they run into “obstacles”.

    The entrepreneur mindset he has however I have to commend as we need more Negroes with this type of mentality thinking beyond and through Massa’s indoctrination and programming however, had he have come straight from the start with non hood films, he would not have received the big funding that he has or at least he would not have received funding so quickly, so inevitably he took the vaseline, greased himself up and bent over for the money. Sorry Mr Clarke, that just the way that it is.

    Black militant????? Well, if he is going to talk about “evolving”, then perhaps one of the things he should consider doing is dropping the conveniently negative slogans and phrases handed down by Babylon to describe so called Negroes who have simply had enough of whitey’s oppression. Its funny how he should mention that his wife is from Portugal as it was the Portuguese who were the first to initiate the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. So what, I can count to 14 in French and whatever numbers you want in Spanish and English, what is your point here Noel?

  3. Why do people think that wanting the best for yourself and your community depicts being a black militant? It was cowardly to mention his wife’s nationality – to almost help soften his thoughts and opinion. He needed to display his multi-cultural set up to soften his statements and to make them less ‘offensive’ – a bit like when racist people say they aren’t racist because they have black friends… nevertheless I agree with much of what he said…well done Mr Clarke

  4. I agree with miss steele and verbs 100%

    arrrrrrr man I was with all him all the way until the last paragraph WTF he just sold himself out, there is so much wrong with that last paragraph I don’t even know where to start.

    But finally he’s answered a question I’ve been wondering for so long why black men in powerful positions in the UK only seem to date white women, it’s because they want to fit in and don’t want to seem like militants. KMT, seems they need to grow some damn balls.

    This is the fear black people have they always feel they have to assumilate, it’s like they apologise for being black and talking about black problems, when do you ever ever see a jew apologise for helping another jew, or any race but this is what happens when you’re under a mans boot.

    So if your black and your wife is black you’re a black militant and don’t want to mix come on now, WTF so a white man with a white wife is a BNP member? how stupid can you get,and so what if your son can count to 10 in 3 languages what the hell does that mean. Its funny I used to teach English to business people in France who struggled with the language and what used to make me laugh was after the lesson I would go out and talk to a black beggar from Haiti who spoke English, French Cerole (which is different) French and Spanish fluently and I found alot of beggars like that

  5. KMT KMT KMT x 100

    It was ok for him to build his entire career and profit from depiciting black males as gangsters and drug dealers but now that he has a portugese wife and french speaking son he no longer wants the stigma?

    How old were Menace 2 Society and Boyz in the hood when he made his films? It had long been done, movies had moved on but he chose to go do that genre to make a name for himself now he wants to play the big I am.

    He can say he put all those black people in the movie but how many white people wanted to be in your road films noel? Did you even have a choice? and the only person to move on from his fims and make money in the UK is a white man anyway!

    He is no different to all the white people that make their name from ‘urban’ involvement then eff off with their illicit 50 pieces of gold.

    Noel can kiss my dry black militant footbottom! Dickhead!

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