Victim: Liam Woodards

Via BBC News

A man who was stabbed to death at a shopping centre yards from the Olympic Park has been named by police.

Liam Woodards, 24, was knifed during a fight at Westfield in Stratford, east London, on Friday afternoon.

Police were questioning five men aged 20 to 23 over the death but have since released one, aged 23, with a caution for affray and no further action.

Scotland Yard said two other men suffered minor injuries in the incident. Continue Reading….

When I heard about this incident on Friday I was furious and just shook my head in disgust (I am still furious).

I initially thought it was your usual suspects involved, mindless teenagers who had nothing better to do but brawl in busy Westfield at 4.30pm in front of terrified shoppers, resulting in one death over some BS.  But it turns out the individuals involved were grown men in their twenties.

Rest In Peace Liam Woodards

UPDATE: Nine men have now been charged over the death of Liam Woodards.

It has been reported that Michael Alvaranga, 23, of Leytonstone and Javin Righbie, 22, of Stratford, are due to appear at Barkingside Magistrates’ Court later today.

Jerome McLeish, 20, of Victoria Docks is to appear at Thames Magistrates’ Court along with Jason Vaughan, 24, Tony Caton, 21, and Danny Caton, 23, who are all from Stratford.

Plaistow residents Rhys Regisford, 20, Emmanuel Oloyede, 19, and Michael Ndefo, 21, will also appear at the court.

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  1. I suspect this is another case of absolutely mindless black on black violence. When it comes to this type of crime, age is regardless.

  2. I left westfield minutes before this happened I didn’t believe something like this could happen in westfield. I’ve seen the security run in seconds and vans pull up out of nowhere for shop lifters etc, I feel they let that happen and get out of hand personally, but those guys are crazy to do that in a busy shopping centre, you just can’t get any dumber.

    RIP Liam.

  3. This is the problem and what I’ve been saying about Lethal B when he’s jumping around and acting like a teenager when he’s in his 30s, you have guys in their mid 20s and 30s still acting like teenagers, they need to grow the hell up.

  4. The media continually promotes the notion that getting old and gaining wisdom with age is no longer cool using (as Chico Rei said) numbskulls like Lethal B to promote childish behaviour and antics, so now everybody wants to remain perpetually a youth. Look at mothers on your local streets, they dress exactly the same as their teenage daughters do. Nobody wants to mature anymore. And I’ll still waiting for Bizzle or a member of his team to step forward and explain the meaning of DENCH.


    That is exactly what happened, they allowed this to happen. The next step is metal detectors and body scanners at the entrances to the shopping center. That was always the goal and this incident was the catalyst that just so happened to take place, and all conveniently before the games aswell. So predictable eh Babylon!

    A trip to a third world country really gives you an idea as to what is to come over to the UK. In Colombia and the Dominican Republic, anything bigger than a shoulder bag(men) and a handbag(women) must be left at the front entrance to the store where it is tagged and you pick it up again when you leave the shop. Security wanding is also part and parcel of entrance to any shop and some shops especially supermarkets have metal detectors at the front doors.

    Its all coming here very soon and remember that you were told beforehand folks.

  5. This is all the more reason why every man and woman should have to right to carry a weapon anywhere for their PROTECTION from incidents like this. All it would have taken is for one of these thugs to bump into an innocent bystander and most likely he would have dragged the bystander into the mix aswell.

    The police are not there to protect you from events such as these, they are there to capitalize on these events and stir them up, that way they remain as a necessary force even though they deliberately refuse to tackle the issues that they clim they are needed for.

    It is up to YOU THE INDIVIDUAL TO PROTECT YOURSELF, never forget that and don’t learn this the hard way either.

  6. I think people are forgetting something. That area of East London has been troubled with youth violence for a while – long before Olympics and Westfields showed up. Often people think that you can change an area by wacking some nice buildings there and all is gravy! – this is not the case – Newham is and continues to be a very deprived area – Westfields and Olympics prob have little bearing on many of the poorer locals and actually does the opposite – further emphasizes to the ‘have nots’ that they ‘have not’.

    The mentions of Lethal B, I think are irrelevant. He has a very mature / business head on those shoulders – his target market however are teens and prob ‘road’ teens at that and so his behaviour allbeit a bit dumb is meant to be entertaining and aimed at a certain demographic (prob not the majority of people here).

    The fact of the matter is another young person has died in a senseless killing. Why it would be done in broad daylight in a shopping centre full of thousands of people? Many of our young men have terrible self-esteem and feel powerless. They are tarnished by everyone, mainstream media and amongst members of their own community so many act up to the stereotypes (without realising it) and others act out not thinking of the consequences, thinking that their actions = power.

    The solution = increase their knowledge and understanding of the ‘system’ that exists and increase their knowledge of self. All this needs to be done from birth.

  7. @miss steele
    Newham is no different from the next. Killing in high security and witnessed by many is dumber than dumb and has nothing to do with being deprived upbringing etc, and all to do with being thick and clumsy. People kill and have problems all over the world, that won’t change but the why and how determines the intelligence.

  8. I am for one fed up with people( Black folks??) finding excuses for those so-called “men”.

    Having a though upbringing or not having a dad, having low self esteem, racism etc….is not

    a excuse for everything…..

  9. Reblogged this on Nii-Teiko and commented:
    as I said in the comments of this post and on Twitter earlier…I am truly surprised that this has not happened sooner

    now how bad is that comment?

    R.I.P Liam Woodards

    The Almighty’s Blessings

  10. @ Verbs. I completely agree with your comment on the way the media perpetuates the notion that maturity = old fogeyness. Unfortunately, too many black people (if you have eyes that can see, you will know) have jumped on the bandwagon of looking and acting like big, old skettels, all when they are in their thirties and onwards. It matters not if certain entertainers have good business brain, not when their IMAGE is one of overgrown man child. That is why our music has gone down the pan. Too much appealing to the youth and the dunce , over stimulated under educated ones at that. I know somebody will say ” the good stuff is their, if you look for it”. Sorry, but why do I have to look so hard. It’s because we followed Massa’s money and value system, carte blanche why we are in this mess. Even the righted ones of us are capitulating or acting all mealy mouthed when confronted with the out of orderness of our situation. The usual comment is “hater” or “at least they’re making money, what are you doing?”
    I hate ranting, but if the older ones of us are prepared to sell out the little firmness we had about us, why is it any wonder that our youths are so effed?
    @ Nubiahbella. The way that we, yes, black people have fallen for the some of the liberal claptrap (an excuse is found for all kinds of bad behaviour) has turned us into a bunch of beggars who negate any sense of responsibility for ourselves. Poverty is no excuse. We’ve always been broke (relatively). If you’re bruk , ‘tan a yuh yard or go find something constructive to do. Some of these “youths” need to be sent back home for a good six months.Life in Caribbean/ Africa is more black and white. To be “bad” there, you really have to be.
    Gosh, another life gone…and for what? R.I.P Liam.

  11. @misssteele I understand what you’re saying, Lethal B does have a good business head on his shoulders but I’m using him as an example, you have too many men like Lethal B still talking and acting like road men, it’s embrassing if you’re 30 still trying to impress 15 year olds shouldn’t it be the other way round?

  12. Does anyone know if this was reported on tv at all, or have the news been told to cover it up? I’ve heard about a media blackout on mentioning anything ‘damaging’ about the Olympics and so on.

  13. @Miss Steele

    Bizzle simply has kissed the JewISH ring, abandoned his two fellow team mates Neeko and Ozzie B and as a result been accepted into the “fold”. The JewISH sect are the ones opening the doors for Bizzle, not himself. As for his behaviour, it shouldn’t be aimed at any demographic as it is stereotypical of dumb and stupid young black youths. I do not want people assuming how I behave because of this chieftain’s antics in front of the television. Perpetual youth is the key here. He has to be used as an example here as it is his type of music that fits hand in glove with your typical roadbredders, the same type of road men that get into fights in shopping centers over folly and non issues.

    @ Sparkle

    Some grown men fail to understand that they can relate to the youth without attempting to behave like a youth. The youth are supposed to naturally look towards adults for guidance and leadership however, when they are continually witnessing grown adults acting like teenage jellyfish, where else do they have to turn, but to themselves. Bizzle is simply chasing the carrot put out there by his Massa and following his instructions. Yet another Negro pushed out on stage for Roman bread and circus entertainment purposes, isn’t anybody beginning to see the familiar pattern here:

  14. I for one am a big believer of not making excuses for people’s bad behaviour, particularly when they are of a certain age however you cannot deny that the issues within our community have a huge impact and to say that the people that get involved in awful killings such as this are just dumb is an ignorant way of looking at things. Everything that I’ve done in life is not squeeky clean and I imagine the same for many others who have commented here on this blog, we have just had the right guidance, and support in place to ensure that we make the correct decisions and take the right path. Imagine if you didn’t have this… Your life may have taken a different route. The media have an agenda and I get when people say that people like lethal don’t help the situation, but if Lethal doesn’t represent you or most people you know why get offended at his antics?! If people think that all black men act like him then doesn’t display their ignorance? If we want these types of crimes to stop we all need to roll up our sleeves and do some grass roots community work. I for one, mentor a young black boy, think about what you can do for your community if you are not already doing so and get to it! There’s a lot of work to do!

  15. @Misssteele I never said what I’ve done in my life is squeky clean I used to get into alot of trouble when I was a teenager then I grew up, this is the point I’m trying to make, these guys aren’t teenagers they’re men and they’re still acting like boys.

    I agree with you when you say we have to do community work instead of moaning that’s something I do also and the first thing I tell the boys I mentor is be done with the excuses. A big problem is alot of boys use excuses and try to play hard done by all the time and the reason is alot of the time they were spoilt by their mother. They’re the ones who go to prison and cry themselves to sleep.

    Now in terms of Lethal B, if there was a balance in the media of educated black men then it wouldn’t be a problem but there isn’t when black people are shown in the media all we see is people like Lethal B cooning the F*** around to make change,young boys need to look up to real men not men cooning around to make money.

  16. @Miss Steele

    The reason why I get offended at Bizzle’s coonery, is that I now have to go out onto the streets and constantly deal with ignorant, box thinking idiots who want to associate me with that type of mannerism. I represent myself as an individual, this way I cover my own back without the risk of misrepresenting others. I wouldn’t mind the ignorance of these people if they would stay out of my face.

    You are right as my life isn’t squeaky clean either but at least when I became a man, I put down the childish antics, Bizzle needs to do the same. Regrettably however, this ignorance with our people is going to worsen as most of our people now worship this Babylon system, chase after its poisonous treats and are comfortable with Massa’s crumbs as long as they can watch television and a Tesco or Sainsburys is nearby, so as times get harder and tougher, blacks will sink further and further into ignorance. I agree, we need to get to work but let us be realistic from now and admit that most of our people are already goners and cannot be saved. The works to save are the few, not for the many.

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