Caroline Wharram

Another day… another offensive remark… Another wake up call.

Big Brother contestant and former boarding school girl Caroline Wharram (20) was given an official warning this week after describing former Los Angeles gangster Adam Kelly as a “gorilla”.

Wharram ranted to a fellow housemate,

“Adam is just an irritating, he’s not even funny. He snores like a family of dragons, it’s just rude. He’s horrible. He’s just a ridiculous ridiculous gorilla, bowl hair cut, no sanitation, he’s just disgusting. ”

Adam Kelly

After she was called to the Diary Room and told that,  “Big Brother does not tolerate this language and so is giving you a formal warning. If you use this language again Big Brother may have no choice but to remove you from the house.” Wharram said,

“Sorry… that was really, really horrible. I don’t know why I said that. No nasty connotations were meant. I really didn’t mean it at all, I just didn’t think.”

First footballer Mario Balotelli is depicted as the giant ape King Kong in a cartoon and now this.

Black males publicly being likened to a primate has made a spectacular comeback I see.  Oh happy days!

[Thanks London Diva]

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  1. These Caucasians have got a serious cheek talking about sanitation and hygiene, when it was black people who taught them not only how to wash but to wash regularly. So called Europeans were literally living like frowsy buzzards, throwing their urine and excrement out of 2nd floor windows and bathing once or twice a year while my people were bathing daily in their local rivers, streams and lakes aswell as dealing with any and all kinds of waste hygienically.

    This illusional mantra that the so called European man has continually repeated throughout history that black people smell is just that, an illusion. Remember, Babylon only a system, it is not the be all and end all of life. Wouldn’t surprise me if they actually paid this harridan to make those comments and then staged the fake so called “reprimand”, you just don’t know these days do you?

    Yet another wake up call for the so called Negro as Janice would say, are you still going to bred up after this eh Negro? Regrettably most still will. I cannot believe that this big brother crud is still rolling, but then again I can when you look at the bigger agenda at hand here.

  2. I commented earlier on that creature (sorry creatures, at least you wash) Caroline on BB. She is vile, and a racist who lied when asked by BB staff in her interview: “Are you racist” – a friend tried to get on BB some years ago and one of the questions: “Have you any objections to colour/creed/culture” aside from being allergic to foodstuff etc. I totally agree with ‘Verbs’ comment, and as to all the ‘showering’ going on within the BB house, thats for show as half of them wouldn’t know a bar of soap from a bar of chocolate – ooop’s, it’s now cream soap so no difficulty there then!
    Pitiful really having your Daughter viewed by the public in such a state (not even inebirated when talking) that would have led to an ‘excuse’ for her CONNOTATIONS….
    As for Mario Balotelli? No comment as surely by now the whole world knows what a BRILLIANT footballer he is and embraced by all of Italy and then some.
    People will never change their views as to colour, they merely place a band-aid over the racist emotions instilled within only to emerge when ‘truly’ tested.

  3. “Verbs2012” I understand that you are upset by a Big Brother contestant’s racist comments but your choice of words are not much better! For example “These caucasians…” The use of the word ‘these’ implies that you are in fact labelling every white person as a racsit and\or disrespectful towards black people when in fact, it is only a sad minority.
    I also find it offensive how you have used the words ‘my people.’ We are all people at the end of the day and if a white Big brother contestant was to say ‘My people’ in the prescence of a black person, then I am sure you would deem them as racist. No skin colour is superior and I believe that racist remarks are offensive on either behalf.

    As for Carolines comments, they were out of order and I was very shocked that she was not removed instantly from the Big brother house!

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