Photo credit: The Telegraph. Dutch Squad during training session

It has been reported that Holland’s black players were subjected to monkey chants during a training session in Krakow, Poland.  The chanting was apparently so bad that they all moved to the otherside of the pitch to train.

Holland’s captain Mark van Bommel yesterday branded the incident,

“a real  disgrace. We will take it up with UEFA and, if it happens at a match, we will talk to   the referee and ask him to take us off the field. You need to open your ears. If you did hear it, and don’t want to   hear it, that is even worse.”

However UEFA say there will be no investigation in to the incident because the Dutch Football Association told them they “did not believe the abuse was racially  motivated”.

And so it begins! The blatant ‘sweeping under the carpet’.

Earlier this week UEFA president Michel Platini said that in the event of racial abuse from the stands during Euro 2012 referees would halt or even  abandon matches. But he also added that any player who walked off the pitch in protest would be yellow-carded.

Morning breakfast show Daybreak also reported today that a black England player was also subjected to monkey chants during a training session.



It will be interesting to see how the England players react if they are subjected to intense racial abuse during the tournament. Will they walk off the pitch in protest or will they just continue to play, believing that  ‘if I play hard enough and score goals that will shut the racists up’.

Newsflash boys it doesn’t!

UPDATE: UEFA has finally acknowledged that the Dutch players were racially abused during the training session and promise to crackdown on racism. Click HERE to read all about it.

I will believe that when I see it.

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  1. This BS just goes from bad to worse – all the black players should come together and make a stand, collectively their voices will be heard!

  2. It’s funny how black people get called apes yet I’ve never seen black men with as much body hair as white people. I mean some of these guys got more hair on their arms chest and back than on their head yet they dare to call us monkeys, dumb motherf***ers.

    If England players get racial chants they will carry on playing, because the black players who play for England are Uncle Toms.

    I still do believe though that the best way to shut the fans up is to beat their team, walking off the pitch ain’t gonna do anything, it will make them worse because FIFA won’t back the players that’s for sure.

  3. FIFA don’t back them anyway so that won’t come as a shock. If the players unite and stand strong and firm together then there might be some change. Together those players can become a powerful force but they are too blind to see it.

  4. What makes a black player, playing for England an uncle Tom? I’m just wondering….

  5. Why can’t the whole team just walk off in protest? Just goes to show how these black players are all alone in the situation. A yellow card would not stop me from walking off the pitch. John terry still has a job and respect. I hope if they walked off, they will be afforded the same courtesy and support. I can see tempers rising on the pitch and deliberate injuries caused to the opposite team in anger. I mean like breaking legs and dangerous tackles.

  6. Louise :
    What makes a black player, playing for England an uncle Tom? I’m just wondering….

    These guys are Uncle Tom’s because they don’t represent black people, they don’t even get with black women, they don’t have the guts to stand up against racism, they don’t even mention racism until someone else stands up and says they were racially abused.

  7. This is exactly why whitey is going to feel the judgement boot of the Most High stamp on his red neck. Still do not want to give us a break and cut us some slack eh Edom?

  8. Ballotelli …. I might just watch to see him react. so much respect for him speaking truth. Can’t say I am shocked because the Home Office already said these countries are hostile and the documentary seems to be unfolding into reality for visitors. I read that even English speaking fans are being attacked. This area they are in has a nasty history and cannot believe someone on a news comments felt it wrong players visited Auswitch saying they are stirring things. When really they are paying their respects to folk who lost their lives for no reason at all except they were different so to speak.

    This is the start and I give UEFA a big b-slap for their audacity to say only the referee can determine if a player walks off due to racist chanting. How likely is that going to happen? This tournament already sounds like a disgrace.

  9. Best believe referees have been given instructions as to what constitutes racial abuse. It will probably take a grand wizard running on the pitch trying to lynch a black player before they halt proceedings

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