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Several days ago actress Gwyneth Paltrow attended Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne show in Paris alongside her new bestie Beyonce and tweeted “n**gas in Paris for real” and then underneath the tweet posted a picture of Jay and Kanye on stage.

Well as you can imagine there was OUTRAGE and many didn’t take to kindly to Gwyneth tweeting the word “nigga”.  In response to the backlash Gwyneth later tweeted “Hold up. It’s the title of the song!”

The unfortunate song title is “Niggas In Paris” NOT “Niggas In Paris for real”. There is a difference Gwyneth. But still her supporters (including black people) choose to play dumb and keep saying “but it’s the title of the song. What’s the problem???”

The always annoying Russell Simmons has also come out  to defend dear sweet fair Gwyneth and has posted this embarrassing article,

Via Global Grind

A few months ago, I went to the Jay-Z charity concert at Carnegie Hall. It was pretty exciting to watch hip-hop’s biggest star play the world’s most prestigious venue. However, there was nothing more exciting than him donating 100 percent of the proceeds to charity, including my $25,000 donation.

The third song that came on during the show was “Ain’t No N*gga”… the song I signed Jay to Def Jam on. Everyone in the hall was singing every word to the song. Every white girl (and there were a lot of them) was singing it to their man…“Ain’t no n*gga like the one I got!” EVERYONE was singing every word of every song for the entire set, which ended with “N*ggas In Paris.” White, black – everyone was singing along.

But a couple of nights ago, a similar milestone occurred in Paris with Jay and Kanye’s Watch The Throne Tour.  It was at this show that my friend Gwyneth Paltrow tweeted something that got me a little twisted. I follow Gwyneth on Twitter and when I saw her tweet about the “N*ggas in Paris” show in PARIS, I said ‘Damn everybody is there but me.’ I’m a bit older and I don’t get to jet-set to concerts like I used to, but when I saw Gwyneth was there, I must admit, I got a little jealous. The tweet she sent has since angered some in the black community, since she used the n-word. But when I saw it, it didn’t faze me – not even one bit. Continue Reading……

My anger is not directed at Gwyneth. No, my fury is directed at Jay-Z, Kanye and every other rapper who continues to band that VILE word around without a care in the world and give no thought to the damage it is causing. They are to blame for this mess.

That word needs to be RETIRED!

And as for you Simmons … well there’s no fool like an old fool.

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  1. Well said Janice.

    Although I feel Ms Paltrow should take responsibility for her ill-advised tweet, I also blame Kanye, Jay-Z and all other rappers for throwing that vile word around.

    I also hear The Dream is trying to say he actually posted that tweet from Paltrow’s phone……er, yeah…..ok….

  2. This is the problem black people have created. I recently had to give a white guy a dressing down for calling me nigga in the so called friendly way. I told him I ain’t a nigga, have never been a nigga and I don’t like black or white people calling me Nigga period. He said it just means homie I told him it means ignorant mofo and it’s no different to walking up to a Jew and say hey what’s up Yid that term never used to be offensive either but it is now.

  3. This is a problem that black people have created and made progressively worse. but i will not allow white people to use this as an excuse. Why would any white person want to use that word is my question? I have many friends and colleagues of many races, what they choose to call themselves is their business. But as I am not a racist, derogatory words to describe any race are not in my vocabulary, whether it means ‘homie’ or not.

    That n word with an a at the end is a street/hiphop slang word. Since when does 30/40 yr old white women ( or anyone over the age of 21) speak street slang without looking or sounding like a complete arse?

  4. Everytime Russell opens his mouth, my mind blanks, so could someone please give me the cliff notes version?
    Anyhoo, I agree with J & co. I remember when I was in secondary school back home, wondering why the hell would I say it, why would I want to be called that? Then by the time I heard all the uncensored music and movies, I’d catch myself saying it. In their bid to claim it, it kinda backfired…

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