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Set in London, Brothers With No Game – The Web Series follows the social and romantic lives of four friends: Theo, Dorian, Junior and Marcus. Facing a ‘quarter-life crisis’, the 20-somethings come to terms with the responsibilities and dilemmas that revolve around work, family, friendships and most notably, women. Their distinctive personalities and ever-changing love lives are paralleled with a strong friendship and one evident, common, trait…they have no game.

Over the last few years, there has been a steady increase in the number of web dramas and comedies hitting computer screens around the world, especially in the States where online productions such as The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl have amassed over 9 million views. With calls for more diversity in television in the UK, Brothers With No Game – The Web Series aims to be one of the answers, featuring a multi-cultural cast and presenting topics such as dating and relationships from the male point of view with some guaranteed laughs along the way.

Episode 1 will launch on June 11th 2012. 

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  1. I love The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl!!

    I am looking forward to this new web serie, it seems really interesting ( Nice to see some dark skinned women).

  2. looks very interesting…can’t wait to check this out. Nubiahbella yes it is nice dark skin period !!!

  3. ACTV had so much potential and disappeared so quick. Need more Caribbean based Black TV channels too. Virgin Media needs black tv channels even if only for diversity

  4. @Pheva thanks Oxford circus … wanted to make sure i visit that area… That was on my list…..thanks much….

  5. this many dark skinned people together in a program in my life time…….. IT HAD TO BE ON ONLINE PROGRAMME.. but you know what i fully support it cos .. its whats needed… cant rely on the old british system to crumble and allow folks to do what they really want to do on tv….. so this is the way to go!!

  6. LOL Love the trailers, I finally got a spare min to sit down and watch them. Looking forward to seeing the full length episodes.

    Good work lads!

  7. woah i thought it was just me until i saw the comments…i was feel ‘guilty’ for thinking it but DAMN it, its good to see not only an all black cast but also mainly dark skin sorry when i first saw the casting call i could just imagine most of the cast being mixed (esp the women) anyway more programmes like this are needed i’m loving the way people are taking things into their hands I like watching..venus vs Mars, dirty games men play and now this love reading the BWNG blog so can’t wait to see this.

  8. I’m really feeling this.. We need to see a cast like this on main screen tv. But hey there is hope i say. Here in the states they seem to put fair skin Black on tv…first! But i must admit they are mixing it up….so there is some progress.. It all starts with us…if we support it….they will make more. It happens here all the time. Black people here loved the show THE GAME!! We talked about it and they resurrected the show….so it can be done… Things may be different in your country….

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