Last night the D-list going straight down to the Z-list all attended the Fifi Awards.

What an earth are the Fifi Awards I hear you all cry. Well according to their website they are the ‘Oscar’s of the fragrance industry’.

Kanye and Kim

Kim Kardashian who is in town with her dead behind the eyes boyfriend Kanye West also attended the shindig. The world’s number 1 parasite and opportunist was nominated for ‘Best New Celebrity Fragrance’ and spent the evening promoting dirty bath water in a fancy bottle but sadly lost out to Justin Bieber. Hahahahahahahaha.

Anyway check out this photograph taken of “boy band” Blue on the red carpet. What is going on there? Hahaha.


Click HERE to view more pictures of the “stars” that attended last night’s Fifi Awards.

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  1. If this chick turns up at the ‘Watch the Throne’ concert when I go on Tuesday, I will start heckling! I’m baffed as to why these men parade around with this girl like no-one else has had her. And I get a horrible feeling that he may marry her. Do the men have poor self-worth or is it really just for money and attention for their ‘brand’. Wish his mum was still alive to beat some sense into this boy.

  2. she seems to be getting closer and closer to cementing her A-list status,she should not be allowed anywhere near this circle…the Kardashians must know how to put a hex on men,makes no other sense.

  3. I’m going tonight and i have my arrows ready if he parades that on stage. i hope the rumours of beyonce refusing her into the circle are true. She cheapens everything she touches that girl. These guys are allowing this hoe & her money grabbing family to use them like a tampon, the power of the pussy is indeed strong, but it must be more than that. #devilfamily

  4. Hmmm only Black Men are parading her, you will not catch a White A-lister parading her like that!

  5. Can somebody in the know please explain to me what it is with Kim Kardashian and black men? Does she have some sort of fetish for the black mamba or something? Rich Europeans normally steer clear of the so called Negro unless he is entertaining them in some manner, I find her constant gravitation towards black men perplexing.

  6. @ Verbs its a SUPERIORITY complex for her and the opposite for them,like someone said you wouldn’t catch a George Clooney with someone like her,she plays black man like a fiddle. And apart from that baller she ‘married’ she clearly has a type.What i don’t get is the fascination with her,sure she is pretty(way prettier before the obvious cosmetic pulling) and has a nice body sans the droopy arse. After getting over all the aesthetics she sounds like a shallow bimbo with a 5 year old tone to her voice.Has anyone seen her tape with Ray J?One of the worst performances i have ever seen on tape. It baffles me why she gets all these well established black men.I hope that made sense

  7. What is going on with Duncan from Blue? Anyone else have ‘Zoolander’ come to mind?

    “Blue Steel” anyone?

  8. What the hell is going on with these awards and who the hell are these people. I think Blue last brought out a song like 15 years ago and Lizzie Cundy what has she down apart from being married to a crap football player, what was this contender for Celebrity BB or get me out of here?

    @Verbs Kim Kardashian is after black men because she wants someone famous with money and famous white men with money will not mess with her so she has to get with black guys, I don’t even think she looks that pretty and where has her ass gone lol, also because so many black men have slave mentailty deep down even after the way she’s been hoeing herself these black men still think she’s a step up for them, to white guys she’s a step down.

    Now Kanye has always been low on my opinon list but I thought he had some kind of brain and a little bit of class but having Ray J’s cast offs dude are you serious and then walking hand in hand with her in public. wow, she’s the kind of woman you sleep with and then it doesn’t come out until years after when she writes a book about it.

  9. @Lulu and Chico Rei

    Thanks for the heads up on this Kardashian chick. That has to be a real embarrassment, where your people won’t even get with you, where you are rejected by your own nationality. It seems to me that she is a woman who cannot look in the mirror and be honest with herself because the pain is too much to bare and therefore is constantly seeking validation from outside in order to feel accepted.

    Obviously, she wasn’t always like this, she didn’t come out of the womb a slosher, I wonder what went wrong?

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