BBC 1xtra DJ Invisible (also refered to as Vis) who co-host’s a popular show with his partner in crime Ace  for some reason decided that he wanted to show the world his body and tweeted this photograph of himself.

Somewhere in Italy designer duo Dolce and Gabbanna are both taking cold showers.

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  1. Well at least it wasn’t Ace doing this! hahahahaah! Can you! And i hope this gets him more ladies…..this is why it was done….right?

  2. It must have been one of those days where he just come from the gym and was feeling good so decided the take a pic, it doesn’t surprise me Vis loves himself but it’s all good I ain’t hating.

  3. @ Janice

    Is this what we have reduced ourselves to now, sending homo pics via Twitter? I hope this radio host knows that homosexuals also are now going to see him as a sex symbol. No doubt some of them are jacking off to his picture right now as we speak.


    The dumb European mimicking antics with black people have to stop. I see this as another form of bredding.

  4. @J, the last time I watched something for the ladies was the weird ass dance by Spectacular of Pretty Ricky…the twirl and the neon pink underwear…then he did another video ’cause apparently the ladies needed a straighter one with black underwear. And in my quest to burn your retinas – I just found out there’s a part 3 to this drenfest….What did pacman ever do to you?

  5. There is no excusable explanation for this tom foolery. If some random homosexual brere approaches this Vis on road, pinches his bottom and gives him a wink, what can Vis say, “oi, what are you doing, I’m not gay?” The brere only need turn around and say the same thing to Vis while holding up his picture and add that it wasn’t just women who saw the pic alone.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if this pic of his is already in the possession of certain flaming quarters. This is the problem with many black people, they do not think through fully the consequences of their antics before they execute them. Vis swooning the ladies with his body is only one side to this antic. There is also another group of people who like these kind of pics, that nobody wants to talk about.

  6. @Verbs: I think you are a closet gay person, come out of your closet, It is ok to be gay verbs lol the fact that your mind went straight to it being homo-erotic and not probably something he is doing for the ladies from his point of view says a lot about you.

    Personally I wouldn’t do what he did but for you to suggest it is homo-erotic says a lot about YOUR thinking. You are either closet gay or struggling with some homosexual feelings, come out of the closet verbs, a whole new world awaits you hahahaha

  7. @Observer

    Homosexuals and their advocates really have to be laughed at in all honesty. It has been pointed out for the longest while that homosexuals/lesbians cannot procreate( which is the main function of man on this planet, to produce offspring after his kind and continue his family tree) but the homsexual and lesbian crew hit back at this thorn in the side observation by stating that they never wanted children in the first place.

    Fast forward to 2012 and what are homosexuals and lesbians now rushing to do in their droves……..either adopt children in the case of the men or artificially inseminate theemselves in the case of the women.

    So no, it is NOT OK to be homosexual as there exists no biological compatability between two people of the same sex.

    My mind went straight to his picture being of a homo erotic nature because I have looked into this agenda behind the increasing trend to show men topless, who started it and its real intent and purpose. Vis coming along and showing himself topless for the ladies doesn’t take away from the homo erotic origin of this action regardless of HIS intentions.

    My thinking is outside of the box and as an individual. Sorry Observer, I love and appreciate women too much to cross over to the darkside plus I am not inclined to act out that which is contrary to nature so my rectum is not for usage or hire nor will my penis be travelling up the muddy track.

  8. Lol ah Verbs the more you speak the more you reveal yourself even more than Vis has revealed his body in the pic above

    You are doing something called “reaching” ever heard of that? Also have you heard of the phrase “thou dost protest too much”?

    This pic if anything is more about narcissism or being egotistic, hey he has the freedom to do this but for you to even being up the word “homo-erotic” just busts your ass wide open (hahaha pun intended)

    Come out the closet verbs, your homophobia is telling on you especially when you take a picture above and try to make it about homosexuality when it isn’t.

    What happened? Did the pic send you into fantasyland? Do you wanna caress it verbs? Hahaha you wanna cop a feel of Vis yeah? Lol

    You’re projecting verbs and the more you respond the more clear it becomes so before you respond with a long rant verbs, think twice.

    This pic is like a Rorschach ink blot test for you verbs, it’s gonna bring out what’s in your mind already hahaha

  9. @ Verbs do you have kids? If not, how would you feel if you happened to have a gay son..these things can happen your words are very harsh and hateful,personal even.

  10. Oh man. I think Vis is just having fun, just like when you have girls doing it. I for one don’t complain when I see a hot chick sending pics like that on twitter so I can’t hate if Vis is doing it for women. I think Verbs is going a bit far in some of what he’s saying but that don’t make him a closet gay c’mon now, lets stop with this nonsense.

  11. Ha, Ha Observer, in like manner I could accuse you of truffle shuffling in the fact that you couldn’t rebutt my contentions and your main pivotal argument here seems to be accusing me of being homosexual from an emotional standpoint rather than from any evidence. “Verbs, you’re gay, ner ner, ner, ner”. You sound like a school child taunting another in the school yard at breaktime. Is this the best construct that you can come up with?

    Then you used the mainstream media created term “homophobia”(which I predicted you would peddle out at some point) which is a word that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, if you can think that deeply. If I walk through a field, me wanting to avoid stepping in cow dung does not mean that I have a “phobia” of cow’s dung. Likewise if I do not like certain foods, it doesn’t mean that I have a fear of them.

    The sheep can always be trusted to repeat the dumb terms that the mainstream media hands down to them without questioning what they are repeating. How does finding something repulsive amount to a fear of it? Again, I wasn’t dealing with the personal motives of Vis, I was dealing with the origin of this behaviour, howvever you seem to be having a severe problem grasping this concept.

    Save your foolish European slogans for somebody who wishes to be restricted by them. I don’t reach, I state the facts which you clearly cannot handle.

    @ Lulu

    I state things plainly. The fact is homosexuality has a record of bringing death, destruction and disease to any and all who embrace the lifestyle. Nothing beneficial has every come out of homosexuality, nothing. I respect the natural man behind the homosexual persona but I stand against the lifestyle and the behaviours. Having children turn to this lifestyle can easily be avoided if you are aware of the triggers that set them on that path to begin with.

  12. ‘I respect the natural man behind the homosexual persona but I stand against the lifestyle and the behaviours. Having children turn to this lifestyle can easily be avoided if you are aware of the triggers that set them on that path to begin with.’….i guess that is a valid point, though your delivery can be brutal at times…let me stop before i get accused of being a wet blanket around these parts.

    ps: was reading some of ur material if most of the things you write are remotely true then this is no where near the world as i know it.

  13. @Lulu

    Regrettably this world is not a very nice place and the mainstream media has done a very good job in shielding people from the harsh realities on this planet through entertainment and omission. Most folks have been pampered like children and to be honest, this is the way most people behave, they expect others to take over and hold responsibility for their lives ie the government so that they can play forever.

    The truth has to be delivered in its raw unadulterated form now as time is short, the truth is not nice at times and can be very painful to bare. The media has managed to paint a very different world to the eyes of the average man and woman in comparison to actual reality. The gulf that you have to jump between how this world really works, what is really going on vs the illusion given to us by the mainstream media is incredibly large.

    What may seem like a brutal delivery is simply me just side stepping the politically correct filtering and calling things out as I see them, plainly and straight with no watering down.

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