Former X-Factor contestants One Direction have made history and become the first British group to top the US charts with their debut album.

The shocked group members said,

“We simply cannot believe that we are number one in America. We want to thank each and every one of our fans in the US who bought our album and we would also like to thank the American public for being so supportive of us.”

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That’s the power of social media for you. They have a huge fan base in America now so this news doesn’t surprise me.

I am genuinely pleased for them. I don’t know what it is but I have always liked One Direction.  But X-Factor 2010 WINNER Matt Cardle must be VEX.

One Direction came third that year and were allowed to release music before him. The same can also be said for Cher Lloyd (I think she came fourth) who also released music before Cardle.  And runner up Rebecca Ferguson is doing really now. When Simon Cowell finally allowed him to release his debut album it flopped and so did his singles.

Cowell now has Cardle appearing on morning breakfast show Daybreak promoting his music while looking tired and uncomfortable. The last time Cardle appeared on Daybreak was earlier this year where they showed footage of him visiting one of the poorest parts of rural Tanzania as part of his work for Comic Relief (when all else fails career wise visit Africa’s poor to show you care).  He was also shown singing to the poverty-stricken which looked awkward.

Anyway congratulations One Direction.  😀

I just hope they keep an eye on their future earnings and don’t get shafted.

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  1. Matt Cardle’s album hasn’t flopped though, it just went Platinum! He’s on tour right now getting great reviews and selling out dates.

  2. Simon is as sly as a fox. Winning the x factor is nothing. How many times have we seen this happen, where winners have come and gone quiet just like that. With just a number one Christmas single and or album and disappeared. This show does not have long term plans for its contestants. They need to realise that and not expect the show to give them much even if that is what it promises. Simon is all about the money not talent, if he cannot earn off you, he will not spend his time and energy marketing you.

  3. And he likes people who create an instant buzz, who will fit in todays market without having to put alot of energy into their image. He has an eye and ear for such people. And very few of them are that talented.

  4. Actually this doesn’t surprise me.

    The market they are targeted to is easy, “teenage girls” and if Justin Bieber can do it, they

    all can :).

    I always felt that they had an international appeal. They have kind of a US style ( looks and

    fashion wise) and a clean image.

    My daughter loves them and I think the come across as nice young boys.

    Hope they are saving some money though, it’s not going to last.

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