With London being one of the most multinational cities in the United Kingdom our Jump Off debaters had a discussion about racial stereotypes and taboos.

Here are some questions and ideas raised during the discussion?

Are racial stereotypes acceptable?

What are the stereotypes attached to different races

What does it take for people to think differently from the stereotypes?

Is the term “lighty” acceptable?

Why do rappers reinforce this negative rapper stereotype?

The term “lighty” just annoys me. The deep subject matter of light skin and dark skin has caused major issues within the black community for hundreds of years.

The subject matter still causes division today (if you don’t know where it all stems from then go and research our history) and singling out women who are of a fairer complexion and calling them “lighty’s” is just adding to the problem.

The idiots who constantly use this ridiculous term (usually very dark-skinned black men who have issues with dark-skinned black women) who have now influenced their friends from other races/cultures into banding around the term and have now given them the impression that it’s an acceptable term to use, need to get a grip of themselves and STOP!

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  1. Very good debate I think everyone made good points. I agree with Snips I hate white guys calling girls lightys.

    In the US when you have one drop of black blood you are seen as black in Brazil it is if you have one drop of white blood you are white which was to wipe the black race out.

    What alot of people need to realise is in a black areas black girls are called lightys and dark skin etc in white areas you are just black, white people don’t see skin tone all they see is black and a potential threat if you’re a black man.

    History stills plays out, when black men couldn’t date white women they would go for the lightest black women as a status symbol, something that still goes on now in the US and black areas in the UK, not as much in the UK because black guys will skip the nearly as light as a white woman and just go for the white women lol.

    There was one guy that I know whose Indian and said you know I love my brownings I was one second away from slapping this guy but then I realised he was trying to be down, so I said to him the truth, I haven’t got slave mentality I love black women regardless of their skin tone and I especially love black features so if she light skin she def ain’t gonna have a straight nose, straight hair, thin lips and no curves he didn’t know what to say.

    Rappers promote sterotypes because it sells alot of them come from poor and used to see crews like BMF and wanted to be like them but just weren’t that kind of dude now they’re rapping they can live the fantasy, basically all they are is coons doing anything for the Jewish white man, record companies bring out what sells that’s all they care about what sells if rappers started talking conscious and people bought it, then record companies would look for conscious rappers, we don’t actually know the power we have, I’m not hating on hiphop I just think they need more of a balance.

    The problem with black stereotypes and stereotypes as a whole is it traps people and puts them in boxes you’re black you have to act like this, you’re white you have to act like that and alot of black people get the worse of it, how many times have I heard black people don’t read, black people don’t ski, black people don’t go to pubs, black people don’t go to museums, I’ve heard it my whole life and it’s just a way to trap people, people need to be strong enough to break them.

    I could see I was different so I looked around and looked for people who looked like me and all I can see on the T.V is negative sterotypes gun crime, drug dealing black guys with ugly white women and you start to think is that what being black is, that’s how dangerous it is this happens alot when you get middle class black families that move out of the inner city their son etc goes through a phaze of being what he thinks is black, now I was lucky I have a strong personality and decided being black is being me, other black guys I grew up with are in prison now because they tried to copy what they saw on T.V that’s how the white man plays with your head you have black guys trying to be what the media and coons tell them black it don’t make no sense.

  2. I wish someone would tell people over in the UK that we over here in the states don’t use the term Mixed race…. We just say Black! This dude who said that by calling the president Black is a disrespect to his other side. Please tell this dude he knows nothing… Please let him know that even if he is mixed he don’t see himself as anything other than Black! We don’t do that here… Thankfully Ms Lala tried to explain that to him… I see this mixed race thing is a big issue over there. I say that because someone hit me up on facebook… I accepted the friendship… But she kept going on about mixed race….and i had to tell her here it’s either Black or white…no in between.She couldn’t get it because she said it was something that is said over in the UK.. Ok! Janice said it best about Black men who put down dark skin women. And let their none Black friends ride that train as well. And yes they need to stop. We have always and i think we will be our own worst enemy. We have such self hate for ourselves that we don’t see what we are doing. The influence of the white man in our hearts and minds is amazing. Sadly enough most don’t see it.. and that is why they thinK it’s to down a Black woman… I’m a Black man and damn proud of it! It you have such a small weak azz mind then that is on you. If you see me coming down the street and i fit that stereo type then fine. I’m not going to spend my time to make you see what you will never see. I will not spend my time trying to make you feel comfortable because your ignorance is embedded in you heart and mind. I will not spend my time trying to make you feel at ease. I will not spend my time doing anything but being me. If you don’t like it….. Who gives a Fu*k! This bull about trying to make the white man and the world feel at ease about us…is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. No matter what you show the world…white world they will only see what they chose to see. This is how it’s been and will always be.. you will never be about to convert a devil……just that simple! And why would you want to….it will never benefit you anything. The debate was cool…even though that Black dude was a joke to me… Hmmmm i’m willing to bet his wife or gfriend is not Black.. But i could be wrong….i just get that vibe from what he was saying. I hope i am wrong…. Chico Rei….you said a mouthful brother… i cosign what you said… Oh you can forget if you think people will stop with the stereo types….not gonna happen…. I

  3. Yeh I wrote alot because they raised alot of points. I agree with you sterotypes are never gonna stop. I make white people feel uncomfortable all the time because I’m not a black sterotype, yet I’m proud to be black, even the liberal we’re not racist types don’t know how to handle it.

  4. To be honest, the racial stereotype construct has been a complete fraud from its conception, invented by the European Aristocracy as an excuse to first invade, pillage and plunder the lands of the native peoples of North and South America and later on Africa. This is where this technique really took off from.

    Today stereotypes come in all shapes and sizes. The mainstream media has actually managed to cause many people to adapt into and act out that very concept which was only somebody’s idea(whether good or bad) into reality. This is incredible manipulation especially in relation to how black people are viewed and treated in society today.

    The white woman typically crosses to the other side of the street and clutches her bag when she sees a black man approaching. A total stranger comes up to you and asks where he/she can buy weed from.

    To me I believe it is equally important to investigate the source for the propaganda that has put these racial stereotypes into motion. When you do this you will begin to see the all too familiar patterns emerging and the usual suspects coming into view. I know this, that racial stereotypes have always been completely detrimental towards black people. 2+2 always equals 4.

  5. @verbs2012 you should read a book called Black on Black violence by Dr Amos Wilson

  6. @ Chico Rei

    Much appreciated for the heads up, will definitely be checking out that book.

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