John Terry

The Telegraph reports that footballer John Terry has been stripped of the England captaincy.

John Terry, as predicted, has been stripped of the England captaincy for the second   time this morning after losing the support of the FA board amid concerns   over his ongoing racism court case.

The news comes two days after the criminal trial into Terry’s alleged racist  abuse of Queens Park Rangers’s Anton Ferdinand was postponed until after the  European Championships in July.

It has been reported that David Bernstein, the FA chairman, called Terry   shortly before 10am to inform him of the decision after he had canvassed   opinion amongst members of the board. It is understood the board were in  favour replacing Terry.

GOOD! But Is he still going to be a part of the England squad?

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  1. The other day i was listening to some radio station and someone was saying how putting this thing off for long is not good for Terry and i thought, hold up, what about poor Ferdinand having to deal with all the crap that has come along with? When will his mind be put to rest? smh

    Yeah, i heard that he is still eligible for being picked for the squad.

  2. I don’t understand why he would be chosen to play during EURO 2012 anyway. He isn’t good enough. We all know that when it comes to facing real competition at these types of tournaments (World Cup as well) the England team fail. They are simply not GOOD ENOUGH

  3. Hey good to hear this… Now i’m waiting for the out come of this case. Even though i know he will get off… They always do… But Ferdinand deserves a big up…just for sticking with this. Don’t know much about him….but i still wish him well with this. And i know he is feeling the heat from others. Keep a brother posted Janice as you always do….:)

  4. John Terry will get away with just like his mother and mother inlaw both got away with shop lifting about £800 worth of goods from Tesco, all because they were John Terry’s relatives and wasn’t his father (allegedly) caught selling glass A in a pub, but again nothing came of that, the world must be a real nice place when your white!

  5. Who cares if they strip him of his captaincy they done it before then gave it back to him, they’ll probably do the same, if they really wanna prove a point they should ban him for playing for England for a year lol, but you know they not gonna do that

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