"Pastor" Efe Ese

Via Ghana To Ghana

A self-styled Nigerian pastor, Efe Ese, who claims he specialises in exorcising evil spirits with his penis, has found himself in the grips of the police after stealing from one of his victims.

Efe, by his trade, hypnotised women he prophesied to and lured them into believing that they were tormented by evil spirits.

He told them he had to have sex with them so he could exorcise all the demons which, he claimed, were responsible for all their misfortunes.

The lid was however blown off his activities when he bolted with a digital camera and a laptop computer during a prayer session with one of his victims after a hot bout of sex. Continue Reading….

This is just SAD. You would have thought that the alarm bells would have gone off the moment this dirty old reprobate told the women that he had to have sex with them in order to drive out their “demons”, and then pulled out his rancid penis.

These scum bag fraud pastors really are skilled when it comes to seeking out the vulnerable and just plain gullible.

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  1. Holy mackerel, is this for real? Seems that are “suckers” born every minute who always fall for this crap. Look at this guy, he looks a mess. It always seems to be these Nigerian pastors who keep getting up to tom foolery and dumb stuff. It just goes to show that all you need to do is say that you are performing something in the name of God and you can get practically anybody to buy into the scam.

  2. i can’t believe this has happened. But i should not be surprised because some will do anything the pastor says. But you would think when he got on the sex tip it would have raised and eye… But when you feel worthless you will fall for this kind of act. He is a mess and needs to be in jail. But i’m sure this is going on not just over there but here as well. I have heard many stories about a lot of pastors here… This is really sick…but i’m sure we will here even more sick acts by others…

  3. did you check the side stories out moreno… the side stories are even wilder……
    the plight of the missionary is steeped in manipulation

  4. @tymusic yes i did man i was like what the hell! This is deep…. what is going on…serious manipulation. Oh that 2 year old rapper is…..good… Oh i follow You have some good stuff bro

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