Judging by the quality/sound it looks like somebody secretly recorded the trailer at a viewing  and then posted it on YouTube.

Film Synopsis: Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, the terrorist leader Bane arrives in Gotham City, pushing it and its police force to their limits, forcing its former hero Batman to resurface after taking the fall for Harvey Dent’s crimes.

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  1. If there is not a viable Black actor in this movie i’m not interested!!! I could careless how good it is…

  2. @Ty I say viable for me because i would like to see a Black character in the movie for more than a minute. A character who will grow and have a feasible part in the movie. Maybe i should have used a better! Or more so the used it the right way. But my point is this… I won’t go see a movie if there is no one that looks like me as one of the main character. If not the main character they will need to have a really huge role in the movie. My friends that live in Hollywood and that are actors tell me all the time how rolls for Blacks have basically dried up. So what I have been doing for years since I have become aware of this… Is basically only support Black movies. Or movies with Black people as a major character. It’s 2011 and we as people seem to be going backwards… What we once had is no longer available to us. Because now others can do it…so we are no longer needed. So we must do something… I know many will say “there are really no good Black movies to see”. I have heard this from many of my friends and people that I talk to. But my response is still support what we do have and make demands. We have to start somewhere! The so called powers that be in Hollywood see that we want better movies because we supported our own…. It comes down to this…. Most others don’t go see Black movies so why should I go see theirs. And they hardly ever put anyone that looks like me in it their films. You mean to tell me that…there was not one Black actor that could have done that role…. No…they choose not to put us in it….so what is the point of going to support what they put out.. It’s about a much bigger picture.. Just say when I finally have my 5 kids..and one wants to be and actor I want the platform to still be available for him. And I’m sure some of these movies are good. But I will watch them on cable..maybe… probably not…. This is just how I roll ….don’t expect others to see the bigger picture. And Hollywood doesn’t think we see anything… They think we are just some ignorant Black people that will buy into anything. To me that says a lot! But thanks for the correction brother…

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