Colorblind Cards, the UK’s award winning, multicultural card publisher, have released five new stunning ANGEL Christmas card designs, with 15% from the sale of each card donated to the African Caribbean Leukemia Trust (ACLT).

ACLT founder Beverley De-Gale and Orin Lewis founded the ACLT in 1996 after doctors confirmed their son Daniel De-Gale, aged 8 years old, would require a bone marrow transplant to overcome his three year battle with Leukaemia.   They were informed due to the shortage of black and mixed race registered donors Daniel’s chance of finding a match were 1 in 250,000 compared to 1 in 5 if he had been Caucasian. Miraculously a donor was found despite the odds but Beverley and Orin founded the ACLT driven by a desire to change the bleak outlook and drive awareness of the need for black and mixed-race people to become donors. Daniel was very much the driving force of the ACLT and the families’ incredible work has seen the number of donors increase from 550 in 1996 to 36,000 today.

In 2008 Daniel sadly passed away aged just 21 due to multiple organ failure however his unwavering spirit lives on through the charities work. Beverley De-Gale said “Daniel is our angel and inspiration.  It is extremely touching to have Colorblind Cards dedicate this set to the ACLT. By buying a card you help to support the life saving work of our charity.”

To purchase a card from the ANGELS Christmas range and simultaneously help support the ACLT visit 

The five beautiful designs are the latest in the range which made history in 2006 as the first multi-cultural card publisher to secure a presence on high street shelves. Today the full range is available online at  in numerous independent stockists and at selected Clinton Card stores.

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  1. This is a commendable idea however on the donor side of this, more bone marrows donors is not the answer, prevention is the answer. Stop stabbing your children up with all these unnecessary vaccinations, that is the first sure fire step to making sure that your children do not contract Leukemia. Children contracting cancer was almost non existent at one stage, so what changed? The vaccines and also the number required for a child has increased exponentially. Do the math!

    Vaccines aren’t only linked to cancer in children. Remember back in the day when there was a period where babies were suddenly dying in their sleep for no “apparent reason”(Cot Death/SIDS), well, guess what was the culprit responsible………………………………….the vaccines. Parents would be well advised to look into this whole vaccination scam before putting their loved ones under the needle as they may seriously regret that decision to consent to vaccinate later.

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