The ridiculous Jay-Z hero-worship has gone that one step further.

USA Today reports that “Professor” Michael Eric Dyson who teaches at Georgetown University in the US, has offered a course titled the ‘Sociology of Hip-Hop: Jay Z’.

According to the Mad Professor,

his class confronts topics present in any sociology course: racial and gender identity, sexuality, capitalism and economic inequality.

“It just happens to have an interesting object of engagement in Jay-Z — and what better way to meet people where they are?” Dyson said. “It’s like Jesus talking to the woman at the well. You ask for a drink of water, then you get into some theological discussions.”

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All I can do is laugh out loud. Dyson is obviously a DIE-HARD Jay-Z fan who has fallen in love with the former waste man from Marcy Projects.

Though hardly as rigorous as organic chemistry, the course does have midterm and final examinations and required readings, including from Jay-Z’s book, “Decoded.” Classes — the final one is Wednesday — focus more on African-American culture and business than on the particulars of the rapper’s biography, which include millions in record sales, Grammy Awards, a marriage to Beyonce with a baby on the way and tours with Kanye West and Eminem.

This course has a final examination? Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

What I want to know is how will attending this random course help the students in the long-term? Will a prospective employer be impressed once he/she sees that the candidate scored an ‘A’ in the  ‘Sociology of Hip-Hop: Jay Z’ on their CV?


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  1. *Flatlines*
    Who dash monkey money? With which mouth will my child tell me that is the course he wants to study? And as an employer, you can have a resume that reads better than Lord Sugar but if I see that mess, forget it. That will be my reason for NOT employing you. See me see bullshit!

  2. …………………………………………………………. sell your soul, sell out your friends and find a Jewish mentor

  3. yo Verbs that video of the backwards Jesus thing was something done by Dangermouse the producer mashing up Jay Z’s vocals, I am only pointing that out because to say it was Jay Z that did that would be untrue

    I am not defending Jay Z either, I just think people dont know it was dangermouse that produced that and used it in the gray album he did where he mashed Jay Z’s lyrics with Beatles sampled beats. It’s like me taking words you’ve typed and rearranging it to say whatever I want it to say.

    as for this course thing, hmmm I think it is a bit over the top but then again anything can be studied, it’s a not a big deal, it is under sociology of Hip Hop using Jay Z as topic stimulus, it could work if you are studying sociology. He is a huge public figure so it’s no big deal really.

  4. @Karl Nova

    Bro, the guy has done so many songs where forward he is declaring that him and Lucifer are buddies. His album The Blueprint was simply him declaring that he had reached his 3rd degree of freemasonry. Lets not even talk about some of the tunes he has done with Rihanna and his scarlet witch wife Beyonce.

    Correct, Dangermouse was behind the production of that particular tune, however he never reversed the song, the song played forward normally, sounds very, very different. The fact is that this is Jay Z’s voice and his track record leaves no doubt in my mind about who his master is.

  5. @ Verbs: This is gonna be my last post on this. Let me first state that I don’t want to come across as a defender or Jay Z, I appreciate his talent and all but I despise some of misogynistic, materialistic, egocentric content of his tracks even though I can appreciate some of his music. He is by no means a saint on wax.

    Ok having gotten that out the way, there is no track where Jay Z states he is buddies with the devil, show them to me. The YouTube clip you posted above is a track done by Dangermouse where he cut up Jay Z lyrics on purpose so that when you play it backwards it says what it says, he manipulated it so that when you play it backwards it says what you hear, Dangermouse did this on purpose. If you play the original “Lucifer” by Jay Z backwards it doesn’t have this so called subliminal message in it. Only the Dangermouse manipulated version does that. To now suggest that because it is Jay Z’s voice on Dangermouse manipulated track Jay Z actually endorsing what it is manipulated to say is illogical. I’m sure you know about Hip Hop and sampling.

    As for the blueprint declaring Jay Z to be part 3rd degree masonry, that is all speculation I leave that to those who make those videos on YouTube which are based on no solid evidence which has spooky suggestive music to play on the bias of people who have already made up their minds that Jay Z is the devil incarnate. Until anyone can produce solid evidence that is neither here nor there as far as I am concerned. I don’t need those videos to prove that Shawn Carter promotes godlessness in his music because the misogyny, materialism and egocentric nonsense is all there for all to see anyway.

    @Janice: I have read some of Eric Dyson’s books, he is solid with his knowledge. I have watched videos of him siting on panels giving good critique concerning hip hop and bringing to light a lot of issues and condemning the negativity. Apart from him seeming to love the sound of his voice a bit too much he is actually solid most of the time, so I think the course could be worth it if someone is doing a sociology major. If this course however is an actual major in itself then wow hahaha it is not a good idea. LOL!

  6. @ Karl Nova

    I listened to the full track forward and backwards years ago. The lyrics forward don’t even line up to what would be said backwards.

    You talked about Jay not pledging himself to Lucifer in any of his tracks, perhaps you need to look at the lyrics for that tune Lucifer and then tell me different.

    By the way, it should be noted that Hova is the god of destruction, mischief and a few other nasty things according to the Strongs Concordance. Seems to me that this would only point to one culprit.

    Then we have this guy throwing up this pyramid sign all the time which directly relates to the eye of Horus, the same sign on the illuminati 1 dollar bill.

    Some people get the solid evidence but still choose to dismiss it because they have a bias. There is so much evidence not only Jay Z but many other rappers and singer that the suitcase cannot be closed. The rabbit hole goes much deeper than where you have decided to stop in it. You are right on one thing though, he is far from a saint, period.

  7. There was already gas on the table from the backward record to the word hova. I don’t get how you just believe certain things with little concrete logic or evidence even when someone explains solid points like karl you still don’t see room for other posibilities. but hey each to there own.

  8. Stop trying to divert onto something else, I won’t be suckered in by this truffle shuffle move you’re trying to pull off, YOU raised Exodus 15:3, I asked you what your point was on this scripture in relation to what was being discussed and now you are flipping the script talking about logic, evidence and solid points and still now, you refuse to hash out your point on bringing that scripture into the mix.

  9. I simply said ignore it because I can’t be bothered. Its point is obvious. I made no point because I don’t want to argue about translations and names concerning god(s) just simply look into it or not.
    Just so this doesn’t go back n forth it was supposed to give clarity on the word hova and in relation to god himself the same god who Moses served.
    We both differ on religious subjects and probly always will, we’ve ended up leaving a bad taste in our throats in the process, I try to edge you to look into things in that area in a different light but no matter my approuch same outcome. It fustrates me but we both know each other well enough to know we won’t agree on these things. Its all good though as in general I enjoy reading your comments and argument and always will. Peace out.

  10. Ok, I understand what you are saying but all I was asking for was a simple short robust understanding of where you were coming from. The word ‘god’ is simply a generic term, this is why we have to identify which god we are referring to by a name. The God of the Hebrews gave his name to Moses in Exodus 3:14, I AM(in the paleo Hebrew AHAYAH). Hova, Jehovah, YHWH and all derivatives thereof come from the European Tetragrammaton texts which have nothing to do with the God of Moses.

    One of the few things I would differ with you on is looking on the bible as a religious book. I believe that the bible is a history book of our people that was never supposed to taught from a religious perspective and that any so called “religiousness” and religious related acts that people have claimed to have pulled from it, the blame should be place on those people for these errors and not on the bible itself, after all, we don’t arrest knives, guns and other weapons, charge them and send them to prison, isn’t it normally the people who use them for evil who are the responsible ones? I’ll be honest, I have yet to run into another book that has thoroughly chronicled our history and the reasons why we are in this current bottom of the barrel state as a people.

  11. Im pretty sure so called Moses followed instructions and worshipped the Lord (YHWH) he fits the attribute too with all that needless killing, plagues, silly egotistical power games with the pharoah, and the different lands he promised and told them to take which were already occupied which impied war.

    ps. “European Tetragrammaton texts “When im in reading mode I’ll try look into that further it seemed very boring at the time but I’ll see how long I last.

  12. No, Moses didn’t follow no YHWH, learn something for once instead of opening your mouth about things you don’t know about:

    As for your statement regarding the way the Most High dealt with the Egyptians, had you had read The Book of Jasher, you would have seen the nasty cruelties that the Egyptians put our people through BEFOREHAND. What, do you think he came against the Pharoah for a joke?
    In regards to the land issue, he promised them only ONE LAND, the land of Canaan, read the data properly.

    I suggest you conduct more thorough investigations before coming up with vain statements. You also seemed to have ignorantly forgotten that many of those people that the children of Israel fought were remnant children of the Nephilum(who liked to eat humans), plus also the fact that many of these nations came out against our people in battle first.

    This is the problem when you use other people’s arguments without doing the necessary research yourself, the points run dry. Try coming with your own conclusions, you might get a little further.

  13. If you see this conversion as some kind of battle I wont reply. I’ll happily look into something if you have a link to share or info you think I should look into more.

    I can see now you do realise the bible and Torah refer to YHWH as the god of Moses, but what your saying to me is you do not accept the Lord as your god as it is written in KJV, which I respect you for. Your argument challenges the bibles text to ancient text outside of these books that have little to do with christianity or Judaism, Why you still quote from the book is beyond me….

    I have no interest in Tetragrammaton texts as I dont believe there’s an all seeing god in the first place so its all pointless to me.

    On a side note I saw a program that was pretty good through. Once again I have no point with it, just thought it was an interesting watch If you haven’t seen it already.
    I’d be interested to know what you make of it.

    Bibles buried secrets – Did God have a wife?

  14. Your angle is simple, I don’t know why I never saw this from your pattern of reasoning before. You simply have a personal issue(s) with the bible and all you have set out to do is find debates, arguments and points that you believe bolster and reinforce that position you have chosen. This is simply why you continually have to refer to arguments generated by other people and the above link adequately confirm this.

    This is called Orwellian group think and collectivism. I would have thought that somebody of your intelligence would have been able to come up with “individual” arguments as to why you do not believe in the bible, but no as always it is the same talking points you raise that have been raised by people before you a thousand times before.

    It is not very wise to make decisions on your own life based upon somebody else’s opinion. This isn’t a review of a toaster or microwave, this is your life you are dealing with.

    This is not a battle to me, however where I see error I will step in and point out the shortfalls. I thought you operated and thought on an individual level, obviously I was wrong. My issue here is that you are bringing the same arguments to the table as everybody else, which automatically makes you a follower and not somebody who can think and reason for himself.

  15. four paragraphs to say you think my opinion isnt my own and I look for Christian debates?
    I dont believe in god which I’ve always said. But what is documented is documented. Im against all religion not just Christianity.

    I could say are you really a Christian? you prove it wrong with external information of masonry corruption in translations etc, then its right when you bring up a certain quote.

    Another Reminder! In the past I ignored/avoided it when you brought the bible into things until the time you took the rapture talk and bible quotes too far.
    Im happy to talk on this minus

    The link talks about if YHWH of the bible had a wife. Do you think he may have been documented to have a wife? I wasnt gonna challenge your answer just wanted your take on it. Like I said I dont believe in no religious ultimate god so it makes no difference to me whether people want to believe or say YHWH is real, fake, transgender, male, gay, woman etc. As he is no different to me than Santa but still find it interesting on peoples thoughts as it ties into our society.

  16. Ok, I’ll say it in one sentence then, you use other people’s arguments to continually bolster your stance in relation to God and the bible. I have heard these arguments before from other sources, that is how I can say that you do not have your own opinion.

    Just as I have faith in Christ, you also have faith in “what is documented is documented”. You haven’t seen the actual documentation, only references. That is all WE BOTH are going to get. You keep bringing up religion, yet I haven’t brought up religion yet into this conversation.

    I am a Hebrew by blood, which is a nationality/heritage and can also be used to describe the language of the Israelites. That is a bloodline, a bloodline/ancestry is not a religion. Christian is a European term and I used it in times past with the knowledge that I had gathered thus far at that time.

    YHWH may indeed have a wife, however YHWH is not the name of the God of the Hebrews. YHWH is certainly not the God that Moses served. Remember YHWH is the JEWISH national name for God and since we know from Arthur Koestler and other JewISH authors that the people in Israel today are not the real Hebrews/Jews, they cannot be serving and do not know the God of the Hebrews.

    I understand you stance and position on God and the bible, I was just expecting you to give an individual reason for your standing. Really, what you are saying here by using arguments generated by other people is that “YOU” personally do not have a reason for your stance.

  17. well its nice to know your views on it.

    The other stuff.
    when i say what is documented is documented it doesnt mean I accept and believe it… I mean as in santa is documented in many books etc, do I have faith in it? No…. but its still documented and is for someone true, until they find out otherwise and may realise how silly they were.

    I struggle to see how refering to a bible quote that the lord is a man of war and that the lord is YHWH who is clearly leading moses “in the bible”. Means i have no opinion. Of course other people will share this because thats what it says! And it makes sense, not too hard for the average to realise and find out. Do I believe in it all? NO and thats my opinion. My childhood was in church and my life experiences some of which far from normal have moulded my opinion and reasoning.

    I haven’t traced my bloodline but would love to do it in the future, if you have found out that a majority of your bloodline is hebrew it still doesn’t really answer why out of all the information you have, you choose to quote from the bible which has nothing to do with the hebrews? But if fusing the two works for you who am I to complain.

    You’ve lead me to ask you another question though… If you believe in christ who have you come to learn is his father? Is he the same as the god of the original hebrews? Im just curious and im not starting a debate on christ, it would never end otherwise.

  18. The reason why you keep thinking that YHWH is the God of Moses is because of these impostors(see link picture below):

    THEY GAVE YOU YHWH as the name of the God of the Hebrews and it is not surprising that Christ also called them out as impostors, liars and the synagogue of Satan in Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9. How can these fake JewISH people give you the real name of the God of Moses when they are not descended from the biblical Hebrews? I AM does not translate into YHWH in the Paleo Hebrew, I AM translates into AHAYAH in the Ancient Hebrew. That was the NAME that the Most High gave to Moses to give to his people in Egypt and he went on to say that this was his name FOREVER. Again, YHWH is from the Tetragrammaton which is European in origin.

    Also remember, they call themselves JewISH. What does ISH mean at the end of a word? “Sort of like but NOT THE ORIGINAL”. They are even telling you in their own description of themselves that they are not the real Hebrews/Jews. There is no such people as JewISH in the bible, there are only Hebrews/Israelites.

    The real Hebrews were and are black for the majority part, not European.

    I wasn’t using your YHWH and scripture reference to determine whether you had your own opinion on where you stand with the bible however, it should be pointed out that YHWH has not come from yourself, so that in itself could be used. I also determined this from some of your earlier statements in reference to how the Most High dealt with the Egyptians, the Pharoah and the land issue. These arguments are also not original to yourself.

    Alright, now we are getting somewhere. You are far better off using your own life experiences and testimony in defence of your position rather than the same old generic arguments used by others, as your experiences are unique to you and nobody else, plus you can expand in explanation and detail on them without running into complications and difficulties, as it is YOUR life(only if you choose to disclose the matters from the start as it is nobody else’s business but your own).

    I suspected that you had some personal history that has lead you to this point, this is normally the case as nobody comes out of the womb an atheist or agnostic. “The bible has nothing to do with the Hebrews”?????????? I’ll let you think over that statement again, I assume that you may have been falling asleep when you typed that. The bible is nothing but a history record of, by and for the Hebrews, past, present and future and by the way is just one record source of our people.

    AHAYAH, the God that Moses served, the God of the true Hebrews is the Father of Christ.

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