This news shocked me this evening….

Hip Hop star Heavy D (real name Dwight Arrington Myers ) has died at the age of 44.

TMZ reports,

Heavy D had just returned from shopping and walked up some stairs when he began having trouble breathing.  Adam Mills, a designer who was in the building and knew Heavy D, found him leaning against a railing and clearly in distress.  Adam tells us he cradled Heavy D in his lap as others called 911.  Adam says Heavy D was conscious and said to him, “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.”  When paramedics took Heavy D to the hospital he had a pulse.  People in the building are saying he died of a heart attack, but we have not been able to confirm that.  Law enforcement sources tell us … no foul play was involved and so far they only know the cause of death was “medical.”

Rest In Peace Dwight Arrington Myers aka Heavy D.

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  1. These are the dudes who are geniune for their art and just good vibe people who effortlessly are titled legends

  2. And he was just on the BET Hip Hop Awards the other day. I watched his performance and was enthused at how black america really gives their legends a platform to showcase to the new skool the legacy of the genre, something that the brits i.e. the MOBOs are not good at doing. He was ground breaking in what he did for hip hop particularly its fusion with r ‘n’ b. Remember he did the rap on MJ’s ‘Jam’…. not may rappers can claim being on a released MJ track. He also brought us ‘Soul 4 Real’ and ‘Monifah’ too. Very talented, and once again too young to die! R.I.P. Heavy D

  3. RIP Heavy D. I grew up listening to this guy, one of the true genuine hiphop artists from back in the day. Let us not forget this one:

  4. Damn first smoking joe now Heavy D wow. I’m speechless I used to love this guy back in the day

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