‘Hating/haters’ have to be the most overused words in the UK right now. If you voice what is seen as an unpopular opinion and say you don’t like an artist’s music or a particular project and refuse to hype up BLATANT mediocrity/tomfoolery people are then quick to call you a “hater”or accuse you of “hating”.

It’s hilarious.

I was once told by a Team UK actor that I was helping to keep the UK scene down because of my opinions ( yeah like I have the power and influence to do that hahaha), that I speak on things I know nothing about and that “it’s not a good look”. I laughed for hours.

Anyway check out Valerie Lora, Jas Fly, LowKey, Mecca and Glenny Kravitz’s thoughts on the subject matter.

Your thoughts please…

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  1. This word “hate” today is simply European dogma that has been resurrected to conform to a different time period. What people are really saying when they say that “you are a hater” is that they want to do what ever they want to do without any recourse, correction or rebuke. Society is so full of these chicken neck, fragile, delicate, jelly back types who get offended at the slightest comment, suggestion or advice that goes against “their” grain and any information that doesn’t fit into their world bubble/paradigm.

    As one of the guys said, this word “hate”, “hating” or “hater” stretches across a very broad spectrum, I see it popping up most frequently in relation to sexual orientation. For example homosexuals, lesbians and gay rights activists are very quick to throw the word “hate” or “bigot” at anybody who does not agree or support their lifestyle. Even people who illustrate the dangers of this lifestyle through documented facts are still called “haters”, even though they have demonstrated clear reasons why the lifestyle should be seriously questioned.

    The new definition of this word “hater” simply fits right in a with a decadent, reprobate and lazy society who do not want to grow up and take responsibility for their actions but rather want to remain a people who just want to play and stay perpetual children forever. I suppose I will get called a “hater” for this comment,lol.

  2. The problem is this. There is alot of hate in England amongst the black community more than in other countries when someone does well people simply want to see them fail so they are at the bottom with them, the whole crabs in the bucket theory, but now with this people have taken the ball and ran with it, where you can’t give an opinon on anything because if you do people say you’re hating.

  3. @ chico-rei that is just a British thing as all races in England suffer from the crabs in a barrell thing

    @ all love this video. I know so many people that throw around the word hater as though it is a badge to have to say – hey to all my haters. Like really you have time to keep up with them. too much free time I say.

  4. @sofrolushes All races don’t suffer from the crabs in the barrell in Britain, other races support each other

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