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This is appalling but I’m not falling for it. No way is there a plan to put this “game” on the market.  I have a feeling that this trailer has been released to cause controversy and get the black community all riled up.


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  1. Cosign Miss Lala and Janice, there is much debate about whether this game is for real or not. Even so, the trailer is a complete liberty but this just goes back to what I have said before, the more the white man see that the black man is trying to be accepted by him, the more he will take the p*** out of us. Wearing skin tight jeans, funny colours, old school glasses and sporting European hairstyles is not going to get you accepted by the European man Black man, haven’t you clocked that yet? I smell agitational propaganda however Edom is becoming so brasen these days that you cannot put anything past him, this may in fact be a real game.

  2. I agree with everyone here!!! This is some bull! When i first heard about it i was freakn mad as hell. But i said this cannot be true….no way is this real. But as my boy Verbs said……….. He is on the money. But one day we shall wake up….

  3. It looks real to me. I would not be surprised if it came out and became number one best seller or went down in records as best seller. People will do anything for creativity and to earn money even if it means taking the p , wasn’t there a female rape game some time back? There are some sick people out there.

  4. This isnt real. They’re too much regulations in games. Xbox and sony wouldn’t dare allow a release nor would any major games retail sell it nor would any games publisher have any association with it and would be given political attention if it saw the light of day. Its an expensive.time consuming joke by most likely contractless animators. Its not worth a split second of anyones time.

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