Those popular young women from London based modelling agency Butterfly Models   earlier this year decided to visit their fans in barber shops around West Croydon and this is what happened….

[Thanks Lorraine]

Hahahaha. This is just so random and odd. One young man (cutting hair) doesn’t even sound sincere (mark 1.23). The only ones who seem genuinely impressed and turned on are the middle aged Jamaican men hahaha.

Check out all the Butterfly girls below…


Your thoughts please….

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  1. Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never hear of Butterfly Models…But i will for sure look then up.lol! But i really don’t think some were really impressed. You can see the ones who were..

  2. if u put on a tight dress and go into any barbers they will make noise.. whether u have a massive bum or not!
    i need to understand the rationale behind this video because its just stupid – even the grace lady looked nervous and out of place when they went into the first barbers; she was like erm ok what now…..

    these girls dont realise how they are degrading themselves for uk fame… i would love to see how they would explain this if they’re childrens friends found pictures like this……

  3. I swear some of those men look like mates of my dads. Was it the agencies idea for them to send their girls out to random barbershops in London. Thats a classy way for your agency to represent you. Hmmmm!

  4. Thanks this I must say liven up a boring Sunday afternoon.

    Seriously I’d love to know if any these ladies is making any money its not like there’s many UK publications wanting to use “Thick” (Size wise) Women of Colour. Some of the women are good looking its kind of sad none of them are likely to get regular paying work. Its a pity there’s no British equivalent of Source, XXL or KIng magazines as I know there’s probably a market. If I was the management at Butterfly I’d try and see if Zoo or Nuts might want to use some of the girls.

  5. I went on their website and I must say that there are some very attractive models on there aswell as in the above clip, most definitely. However I am a bit concerned about the stereo typical route these women have taken to gain attention. Props to them running their own show however this just backs the notion that all black women are good for is their big booties. If black women want to be taken serious and not be looked upon as merely sex pots, then they are going to have to branch away from this Sir Mix A Lot, Baby Got back/2 Live Crew sexploitation route.

  6. that is exactly what i was thinking. big tit and ass and that’s all folks are looking at. Amazing grace how sweet the look.

  7. “Never trust a big but and a smile!” :@)
    Any agency that tells you to go to come “barbershop” to have old yard men look you up nad down, need their heads read.
    @verbs these ladies do not run this on their own, the agency they come from is run by a man. Go Figure!!
    I have no issue with women modelling, be it high fashion or glamour, but I think if you are in the “glamour” lane, women need to be acreful with their representation, as its easier for them to be labelled as “vidoe hoes” (not to say that you are if you do glamour!”)
    There still has to be a fine line between remaining attainable and relatable to the public, whilst still having an appeal where men want to be with you and women admire you. If you go too far one way, it does nothing for your appeal. As “models” essentually they are a brand, they should think about how they want that brand to be represented.
    Also, too many agencies are springing up where they “gas” these young average looking girls into thinking they are models. This needs to stop!! All “models” should be above the norm, gyal pon road just dont cut it!

  8. Please excuse the spelling in the above comments. I dont know whats wrong with me today. Ya’ll get what I mean?? lol

  9. Something about that white man taking pictures of all those black womens backsides doesnt sit well with me. And why is that one ‘model’ called Kirstie Narni??

  10. Yes some of the women at the agency are nice.
    Yes they are all “thick” in the main, not a bad thing when you consider the amount of young women suffering Anorexia/Bulimia.
    However, I’d say any model agency that does quote what work their employees have undertaken at least in last 18 months should be view with wary eye. None of the shoots appear to be for paid work more like adverts for the agency.
    I have to agree with Terra that every other month sees another agency spring up. There just can’t be enough work in London let alone the UK for all of them.

  11. @Lati One of the girsl already did this. She was featured in a UK documentary called Music, Money and Hip Hop Honeys. Her name was Rozina, bwoy all i’m saying is, she got a short sharpe SHOCK! as to how the “video chick” game works in the U.S.
    Check out her story on the documentary below. Go to the 11min 14sec point to see her dissapointment. Oh dear!

  12. Oh my word.. these girls are the definition of butter faces! Their bodies are far too unnatural. Whoever says that this type of modelling is better because at least their not skinny is lying because this modelling too breeds insecurities in girls too as they feel that they’re not big enough.

    Anyways, these girls are ugly man. Just take shots of the body not the faces!

  13. I don’t know why anyone would love to be displayed as a piece of meat. I see how easy it can be for someone to get addicted to cosmetic surgery especially when your career depends on it. Just desperate, but no one cares about real music anymore, they care about the sex image and NOT the music content. Back in the day before we got hypnotised into most of this nonsense, the lyrics spoke and said everything. Visuals were just a bonus when one really wanted to see the face behind the beautiful/meaningful/inspirational music. Not anymore these days, if you can’t be seen, you can’t be heard. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

    As for these girls, i really hope they get what they are looking for and find fulfillment. 😦

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