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Is BBC Radio 1 about to clean house?

The Sunday Mirror reports that BBC Radio 1 stars Trevor Nelson, Vernon Kay, Sara Cox and Edith Bowman are all facing the axe after the new acting controller Ben Cooper takes over.

A Radio 1 “source” allegedly disclosed to the newspaper that,

“A few of the DJs have grown up at Radio 1 and in some cases have settled down and have families. But that means they’re not as in tune with the younger generation as they used to be.”

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  1. No not Trev…i really enjoy him… He is mad funny and to me seems to be on top of his game. I have no idea what this new guy is talking about… Another Black guy bites the dust if this is true…

  2. What do they mean by appealing to the younger generation? I hope they are not doing a strictly come dancing stunt where they replaced Arlene with Alesha to appeal to the younger generation. Damn the young were watching before that. Do they want to water down and dumb down to appeal to the young? Make exclusive programmes for the young and be specific. The biggest percentage of media programmes are aimed at the young and quite frankly most are rubbish, like most of the music made these days. I am young but listen to grown up people far beyond my age and it does me a hella lot of good most of the times, i mean those adults that have sense to speak, not the crappy ones who just like to play around to appeal to the young.

  3. This is the problem with these ‘clever’ folks these days. Disconnecting the young with the older generation. Counter productive move imo.

  4. So if any of the newbies they bring get pregnant, or one of the young male presenters gets someone pregnant, does that mean its “curtains” for them. I have never heard of such a piss poor excuse before in my life, ridiculous! Do they think young people cant get their heads around the fact that D.Js are capable of having babies. Why do media treat the younger generation like there dumb. Will Tim Westwood be getting the boot as well, he’s nearing to 50 and I’m sure he has a kid or too somewhere! FOOLISHNESS!

  5. Every station needs a shake up, and the new guy is just mapping out his vision for the station and sadly it doesn’t include Trevor and the rest. Time will tell, if this works out but I think this will drive real music lovers away, leaving Radio 1 as irrelevant as the rest of the pop music stations out there.

    On the plus side I hope he gets a show on Radio 2 with more freedom to play the music he wants and not the dross thats on the playlist.

  6. Why don’t they get rid of Westwood? Yeah he is funny….but his ratings suck!! I could careless if he is a legend…. They removed some that i thought were great to bring him into that time slot… But his ratings are even worst….so what’s the deal. Trev is funny plays great music and has much to say. And yeah i’m bias …HE IS BLACK.. !!! A Black man with a real job is a good look. And if he is doing well…then why move him. But this is the nature of their business. It happens here in the states all the time. But what we do is write and call in…and things does happen. And if it doesn’t we just turn them off. Or we follow that person to the next job. Having a family should never be one of the reasons to ax someone. How is his work…is he losing listeners….. But whatever happens…i wish Trev the best.. But i did like him and Gemma together…

  7. Every station needs a shake up? A new vsion? can’t that new vision be created with those who are present since it is not a lack of skill or comprehension that is a factor? How does the new personell know that these people he is letting go due to having families and inability to be in touch with the young (and how did he figure that one out, when there are many grown ups who easily relate to the young more than the young relate to the young) really cannot adjust to his plan. You know what, people need to stop aiming almost everything towards the young especially the media. The growing trend fuelled by greed is that the older generation are being sidelined slowly by slowly, and they wonder why the young could almost care less about the older generation and roll their eyes when ever an older person speaks. There is nothing wrong with older or elder people presenting and doing their thing and being an example for the young without having to act otherwise or silly. Stop breaking the chains that connect the young with the old in an unreasonable way with such reasons. It is very easy to have youth or child programmes only without turning a whole station into a young thing.

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