Haha – Oh dear those marketing executives are in trouble again.

Via The Los Angeles Times

Nivea’s “Look like you give a damn” campaign: Does it contain a deliberately racist suggestion that black people aren’t civilized or an unintentional gaffe by the skin care company’s marketing team?

The print ad in question features a clean-shaven black man grasping the longer hair (an Afro) on a bearded mask of his own face, preparing to throw it away. The phrase “Re-civilize yourself” is boldly emblazoned over the image.

After Facebook users posted their complaints and pictures of themselves with Afros on the company’s Facebook wall (it all goes down on Facebook and Twitter these days) Nivea issued this apology.

Thank you for caring enough to give us your feedback about the recent ‘Re-civilized’ NIVEA FOR MEN ad. This ad was inappropriate and offensive. It was never our intention to offend anyone, and for this we are deeply sorry. This ad will never be used again. Diversity and equal opportunity are crucial values of our company.

I wonder what spokesperson singer Rihanna has to say about all this.

Your thoughts please?

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  1. I am more concerned about the black people who think that having African hair in it’s natural state is negative. People can rock a fro and look like they care. I do wonder if Nivea or any of these companies have black panelist on their marketing and PR boards. Well they will do better next time.

  2. The statement issued was not an apology!!!!!!!

    About Rhianna, she’s part of those Black celebrities who don’t care if the brand they are representing is racist.. as long the money keeps coming. I am looking at you Beyonce too.

    Remember those same black celebrities who loves sitting in front of fashion shows, yet the designers they adore don’t feature (or hardly) black models in their fashion shows.

  3. Non of these hairstyles represents uncivilisation, by the way i doubt a black woman would have been called to re civilise themselves for rocking blond and red and green wigs. because that is civilisation *had to throw my race card in there* LOL

  4. Did we expect any other behaviour from Edom? Just to let you know that Nivea make their cosmetics from the by product(waste) of oil refinement(you know, what is left after the production of petrol and diesel fuels) and they use aborted babies in their products aswell. Where do you think the claim of “younger looking skin” comes from? This doesn’t matter to many black people though, who will shrug it off and continue to topically apply that toxic sludge to their faces and bodies in abundance.

    I have said this before, the more the white man sees the black man trying to fit in and be accepted by him, the more he will take the mikey out us. If you want to do your skin a favour, use coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter(raw and unprocessed) or some organic non toxic lotions:

    With the chemicals they use, I have no idea how Nivea could conclude that they are “caring” for people’s skin.

  5. You know what’s the worst thing about this ad? The ad execs didn’t even think to use a thuggish looking black man. they used a sophisticated, well dressed, handsome black man to tell us that even when we do have careers and a seemingly successful and stable life, we’re STILL savages. Just wow!
    Many white ppl, racist themselves, will come out and say we are ungrateful b/c a white model could have been used but they chose one of us instead, Be happy, stop complaining. This is the progress you wanted…

  6. @LondonDiva…really!!!!! I still think it is offensive! Blacks with afros to me is amazing…and i see more Black people going that way. But to me the issue is why do Blacks feel like the hair that they came into this world with is bad. But we all know that comes from being conditioned by the media. As well as trying to fit in. There is a slogan i love and it says My Black Is Beautiful… I wish that all Black people would just accept that our Black Is Beautiful. And that means our hair as well. Our hair can do things no other races hair can. Why not be proud of that! This is just another case of Blacks being made a fool of. And thinking they can get away with it. And if it was a Black man that created this as he needs his azz whipped!

  7. Yes, under instructions from Europeans, they were the originators of the idea for this ad. Since when can a black person in a multi national conglomerate exercise “their own ideas” from birth right through to creation? They make me laugh, as if they didn’t know that the ad was racist to begin with. Allow me to reword their so called “apology” and show you what they really are saying:

    ” Your rants, complaints, feedback and objections to our recent RE-CIVILIZED, Nivea for men ad are quite a burdensome load on this company, we are not in the slightest waived, moved or affected by your opinions. This advertisement in relation to black people was very appropriate and yes it is offensive. We ARE NOT SORRY to anyone who was offended and yes, it was always our intention to offend, in fact we knew from it’s conception that this ad was clearly racist and decided to release it anyway for this very purpose. Although we will not be using this particular ad again, expect more racist ads in different forms from our company. Diversity and equal opportunity only exist on paper within our company, we DO NOT exercise this principles in reality, hence the ad should have clearly illustrated that to you”.

    PR(Public Relations) used to be called “Propaganda”. Nuff said.

  8. Those Black executives should have their birthrights revoked. But seriously. Black people need to accept african textured hair. no matter what it is called its African in origin and its beautiful and the natural hair movement will not die. This ad was a poor case of judgement given history and present sensitivities. Yet people say oh its all in the past . mmm

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